Crested Butte Ski Club brings home several top 10 finishes

Amazing day of slalom

The Crested Butte Ski Club traveled to its last Age Class Open race on February 3. Powderhorn resort, near Grand Junction, pulled off an amazing day of slalom racing despite incredibly high winds and, as is typical for this year, constant snowfall.




All 20 athletes of the Crested Butte Ski Club traveled to Powderhorn to race with one athlete, Renee Geary, a J2, forerunning all four race runs.
Tristan Kraatz unfortunately picked up the stomach flu on his travels to Powderhorn and was unable to race.
The Ski Club athletes were joined by former teammates Cole Byron, Annie Ochs, Anthony Romano and Hannah Watt-Sax. The Crested Butte Ski Club racers edged their way into many of the top-10 spots despite commanding efforts from Aspen and Powderhorn athletes.
Congratulations to all of our athletes, Junior Olympics are just around the corner and well within reach. Please log onto to view complete results and cheer on our local athletes February 21-24 during the Dan Prater Memorial Race.

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