Team FreeSkier 1 continues its reign as dodgeball champions

Summer season in the works

With five teams of up to 10 players (mostly guys ages 20 to 35), plus girlfriends and friends going wild on the benches of Jerry’s Gym week after week, dodgeball became known as the rowdiest, craziest, most intense indoor sport of the season.




After the St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza, the local television station started showing up, taping the most intense slings, slides and dodges.
The five teams that represented were FreeSkier 1, FreeSkier 3 (it’s a long story), Sky High OffRoad, True Value, and everyone’s favorite team—Brush Creek Ball Dodgers.
The team that ended up winning was FreeSkier 1, first seed for most of the season and able to fight off the competition to claim their title last Thursday night, April 10. This was their second winning season in a row. A true victory for them—congrats!
And this year was the first year the Parks and Recreation Department got a handmade, real dodgeball trophy.
Designed and constructed by building inspector Scott LeFevre, the trophy was shaped into a guy throwing a dodgeball. It stands waist high and will most likely be free standing in the Free Skier shop this year—if they can get it back, that is.
Rumor has it that the trophy was stolen at the victory party at Talk of the Town late Thursday night by a sore loser.
This will be a trophy passed around year to year, with a golden, beat-up dodgeball being the only permanent remnant each team will have after their year of glory.
If you want to play dodgeball, there has been some talk about having a summer dodgeball league at the hockey rink, but that has yet to be determined.
Interest is always a key incentive for starting new sports in town, so if you’d be interested in a summer league, please call the Recreation office at (970) 349-7197. 

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