Airheads welcome Lost Souls into league with 19-1 blowout

Still got game

Message to Rob Aiken, wherever you are.
The Airheads still got it and are looking strong. Granted, I caught them in their 19-1 rout of a new comp league team, Josephine’s Lost Souls. But they still look good. Plus, the win was on the heels of a 40-6 crushing of the Wild Bunch



The offense and defense appears to all be there as they are now sitting in second place with a record of 3-1.
The Lost Souls are not without their standout players and could possibly gel into a threat as the season wears on; it just may take some time.
The Airheads struck first in the top of the first inning as Rachael Brodsky and Jacob Parr each drove in runs.
The Airheads defense retired the side in the bottom of the first and returned to the plate looking to build on their lead.
After Lost Souls third baseman Olaf Bakken snagged a line drive and fired to first for a double play, the Airheads hitters connected on a four-run, two-out rally.
Brodsky drove two runs in with a double down the left field line, Rob Houston stroked an RBI double as well and Lauren Alkire hustled on an infield ground ball to reach first and drive in a run for a 6-0 Airheads lead.
Base hits from Justin Wheeler and Thomas Pruett put runners in scoring position with two outs. Bakken backed his play on defense with some offense knocking in Wheeler to put the Lost Souls on the board in the bottom of the second inning.
Solid play by the Lost Souls defense continued into the top of the third inning, as both Pruett and Bakken proved a stout wall on the left side of the infield to hold the Airheads scoreless.
The same can be said for the Airheads defense though, as they returned the favor, leaving the Lost Souls to their lone run heading into the fourth inning.
Lost Souls pitcher Ben Somrak provided some heroics on the mound flagging down a line drive and firing to first base for another Lost Souls double play.
Yet, the Airheads shook it off like it “ain’t no thang” to score four more runs and take a 10-1 lead.
While Airheads third baseman Royal White spoke of finding a loophole so he could run for Crested Butte mayor despite living in Crested Butte South, Lost Souls batter Mia Cullman looked to punch a base hit over his head.
Royal took time from his campaign planning to tip the ball up into the air and Airheads shortstop Dave White dove behind him for the grab proving once again that every candidate needs someone doing the hard work behind the scenes to get things done.
The Lost Souls defense stepped up again in the top of the fifth inning to get two quick outs but the Airheads rattled off four more runs before they gave up the third out.
A high pop from Houston fell for an RBI single and Alkire roped a two RBI double to center field. Parr capped the rally with an RBI single and the Airheads were sitting pretty with a 14-1 lead.
Lost Souls lead off hitters did their jobs in the fifth and sixth innings getting on base, but both times, they were left with nowhere to run as the Airheads defense clamped down.
The Airheads tacked on five more runs in the top of the seventh including a grand slam inside the park home run (GSITPHR) by Drew Kornet to finish the game for the 19-1 win.

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