Gunnison Legals


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, and particularly to the electors of the Reserve Metropolitan District No.1 (the “District”), Gunnison County, Colorado.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Section 32-1-808, C.R.S., that a vacancy currently exists on the board of directors of the District.  Any qualified, eligible elector of the District interested in serving on the board of directors for the District should file a Letter of Interest by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 15, 2008.
Letters of Interest should be sent to Reserve Metropolitan District No.1, c/o Robertson & Marchetti, P.C., 28 Second Street, Suite 213, Edwards, Colorado 81632, (970) 926-6060.
By:  /s/ Robertson & Marchetti
Professional Corporation
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of August 1, 2008. #080103



TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, and particularly to the electors of the Reserve Metropolitan District No.2 (the “District”), Gunnison County, Colorado.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Section 32-1-808, C.R.S., that a vacancy currently exists on the board of directors of the District.  Any qualified, eligible elector of the District interested in serving on the board of directors for the District should file a Letter of Interest by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 15, 2008.
Letters of Interest should be sent to Reserve Metropolitan District No.2, c/o Robertson & Marchetti, P.C., 28 Second Street, Suite 213, Edwards, Colorado 81632, (970) 926-6060.
By:  /s/ Robertson & Marchetti
Professional Corporation
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of August 1, 2008. #080104


—Upcoming Agenda Items—

Meeting to be held in the Commissioner’s Meeting Room at the Courthouse

NOTE: This is a list of items tentatively scheduled for the Commissioners’ agenda. Items may be added up to 24 hours prior to the meeting, or deleted at any time. A final agenda
will be prepared after the publication deadline for the newspaper. For further information or confirmation of specific times on the agenda, please contact the County Administration Office at 641-0248.
Tuesday, August 5, 2008
• Colorado River Water Conservation District Report
• Financial Audit Presentation
• Disclosure of the Upper Gunnison River Watershed Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report
• Visitor; Gunnison Country Chamber of Commerce Director Tammy Scott
• Visitor; Congressman Mark Udall’s Office Representatives Matt Sugar and Doug Young, Black Canyon River Water Quantification Discussion
• Intergovernmental Agreement; Gunnison County Library District, Provision of Library Services
• Acceptance of Deed of Dedication for a Portion of County Road 744
• Authorization to Approve the Black Canyon of the Gunnison Water Right Quantification Stipulation
• Shady Island Subdivision; Security Proposal for Development Improvements Agreement, Possible
Executive Session
• CCI 2008 Legislative Committee Member Appointment
• Impact Classification Appeal; Glatiotis Subdivision, William Glatiotis
• Lot Cluster Application; Lots 1-5 Inclusive, Block 3; Lots 1-3 Inclusive, Block 4; Waterman and Hudlers Addition, Town of Ohio City; James M. Stewart
• Designation of Crested Butte South Special Area and Related Regulations: Consideration by the
Board of Map, Staff Report, Proposed Regulations, and Planning Commission Recommendation;
and Possible Adoption of the Designated Crested Butte South Special Area and Proposed Related
• County Board of Equalization; Minutes Approval
• Consent Agenda:
-Acknowledgment of County Manager Signature; Independent Contractor Agreement, D & D Utility and Construction Services, Inc.
-Acknowledgment of County Manager Signature; Colorado West Slope Hazardous Materials Committee Exercise Contract
-Acknowledgment of County Manager Signature; Group Sales Agreement, Western Slope
Hazmat Consortium, Pueblo Marriott
-Resolution; Authorizing Submission of the Application to the Colorado Department of Transportation State Infrastructure Bank to Borrow the Necessary Funds to Finance a New Broom Truck for Airport Operations
-Petition for Abatement or Refund of Taxes; GM Worsley, Inc.; Schedule No. 100 R32041
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of August 1, 2008. #080112


PRELIMINARY AGENDA: Friday, August 1, 2008

8:45 a.m.    •  Call to order; determine quorum
    •  Approval of Minutes
    •  Unscheduled citizens: A brief period in which the public is invited to make general comments or ask questions of the Commission or Planning Staff about items which are not scheduled on the day’s agenda.
9:00 a.m.    Brothers Subdivision work session/no action, represented by Rikki Santarelli, amended request for the subdivision of 6.21 acres into two lots, adjacent to Harmel’s Resort, east of Almont, 6746 County Rd. 742 (Taylor Canyon Rd).
10:15 a.m.    Break
10:30 a.m.    Crested Butte Fire Protection District, work session/possible action, minor changes to previously approved recommendation to Board of County Commissioners regarding adoption of CBFPD Guidelines and Standards
Noon    Lunch
1:00 p.m.    Pelletier, joint public hearing/no action, request for the subdivision of Lot 18, Ohio Meadows, F#2, into two lots, 1257 Seneca Drive, located north of the City of Gunnison
2:00 p.m.    Michalek, work session/no action, request for subdivision of 3.18-acres into 2 single-family lots, located approx. 6 miles north of the City of Gunnison, east of the Gunnison River
3:00 p.m.    Pogoloff, work session/no action, request for addition to existing building, Lot 30, Riverland Industrial Park F#2, located south of the Town of Crested Butte
3:45 p.m.    Break
4:00 p.m.    SG Interests I, Ltd.  continued public hearing/no action, request for the drilling of the Federal 24-2 WDW well, located on private land within Section 24, Township 11 South, Range 90 West, 6th P.M. , within the Bull Mountain Federal Unit, west of Highway 133, southwest of County Road 265 (Buzzard Divide)
NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are conducted in the Blackstock Government Center Meeting Room at 221 N. Wisconsin St. in Gunnison, across the street from the Post Office.  This is a preliminary agenda; agenda times may be changed by the staff up to 24 hours before the meeting date. If you are interested in a specific agenda item; you may want to call the Planning Department (641-0360) ahead of time to confirm its scheduled time. Anyone needing special accommodations, please contact the Planning Department before the meeting.
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of August 1, 2008. #080110


—Commissioners’ Proceedings of May 20, 2008—
Gunnison County, Colorado

At the regular meeting of the County Commissioners of Gunnison County, held in the Gunnison County Courthouse, the County Seat, on the 20th of May, 2008, vouchers were approved and warrants ordered drawn on the accounts as follows
01-General Fund    153,122.92
02-Road & Bridge    11,891.26
03-Social Services    15,935.60
10-Airport Operations    26,843.18
12-Sales Tax    96,104.87
25-Library    8,114.46
30-Mosquito Control District    22,916.25
34-Risk Management    16,338.25
41-Airport Construction    69,810.31
43-Capital Expenditures    3,600.09
50-Sewer Districts    4,997.21
51-Water District    2,564.88
52-Landfill    4,233.01
70-Housing Authority    7,032.08
72-Assisted Living    3,040.65
80-Internal Service-I    58,172.84
82-Internal Service-II    42,364.62
90-Internal Service-III    8,663.70
91-Local Marketing Dist    2.64
92-Transportation Dist    195,723.51
Total    751,472.33
01-Adams Cty Sheriff – Adv    38.00
02-K Alexander-Divway Permit Ref    50.00
01-T Coleman-Early Chldhd Exp    30.00
01-Life Quality Inst-Healthy Aging    1,149.58
01-Lane Wyatt, Inc-Prof Svcs    675.00
01-D Runge-Co Tr Immig Grant    40.00
01-L Adams-Prof Svcs    30.00
01-WSC Fdtn-Advertising    250.00
92-A Bamberg-Eq & Furn     1,937.50
10-Cheyenne Mtn Resort-Lodging    1,290.00
01-Gunn Cty Bar Assn-Meetings    252.00
**-Chg Fd Finance-Petty Cash    92.39
**-Chg Fd R&B – Postage    244.99
01-Chg Fd Pub Health-Postage    79.96
10-Chg Fd Airport-Op Supplies    112.71
01-U S Postoffice-Postage    336.93
**-W Lumber-Op Supplies    246.79
10-Thyssenkrupp Elevator-Eq Mtce    750.00
**-City of Gunnison-Utilities    12,025.56
01-Sec of State-Dues & Meetings    390.00
**-Paper Clip-Office Supplies    6,391.69
**-Xerox-Mtce Contract    851.09
**-Sweitzer Oil-Fuel    23,408.14
**-Qwest-Telephone    1,895.97
01-Co Dept of Pub Health-Lab Svcs    795.00
01-Gunn Vly Hosp-Cancer Control    198.76
01-Co Counties, Inc.-Dues & Mtgs    410.00
01-Safeway-Prisoner Meals    136.43
**-B&B Printers-Printing&Publish    137.00
**-TDS Telecom-Telephone    382.11
**-Gunn Country Pub-Advertising    1,920.81
**-Gunn Cty Electric-Utilities    1,592.60
**-Town of CB-Sales Tax Redist    23,895.66
**-Monty’s – Veh & Hvy Eq Parts    2,496.74
80-MHC Kenworth-Parts    733.32
80-Hartman Bros-Shop Supplies    126.17
80-Drive Train Ind – Parts    1,499.95
**-Gunn Cty Sheriff-Prof Svcs    49.00
**-Fullmer’s Hdwe-Op Supplies    2,248.02
01-Gunn Vly Fam Phy-Prenatal    780.00
01-J Reinman-Travel    447.62
01-Co Assessors Assn-Training    147.00
**-Master Petroleum – Fuel    2,139.69
**-W Slope Conn-Grounds Maint    908.38
**-Gunnison Glass-Bldg Mtce    174.64
80-Holy Cross Energy-Utilities    61.98
80-Power Eq – Parts    1,641.66
80-Wagner Eq-Parts    964.92
03-Mental Health Ctr-Gen Assist    75.00
**-Delta Montrose Elect-Utilities    516.01
01-Gunn Fam Med Ctr-Pris Med    440.00
03-Std Tire & Svc-Pr Svcs    295.00
25-Alsco-Mtce Supplies    418.52
**-Blue Mesa Lbr-Bldg Improve    1,698.28
01-Henry’s Radio-Bldg Mtce    345.00
10-Sherwin Williams-Bldg Mtce    619.80
80-Tomichi Tire-Tires    527.00
41-Co Dept of Trans-Pr & Int    68,684.77
**-Gunn Country Shopper-Adv    442.10
12-Town of Mt CB-Sales Tax Redist    23,205.75
01-W Slope Fire-Operating Supplies    50.50
12-Town of Marble-Sales Tax Dist    117.14
**-Kintera Fundware-Software    5,717.75
02-Newman Traffic Signs-Matls    1,285.88
43-J Stone – Cell Phone    75.00
80-Roberts Ent – Trash Removal    43.00
01-Rocky Mtn Hardware-Bldg Mtce    26.19
80-Paonia Farm & Home Supp-Pts    8.69
12-City of Gunn Other-Sales Tax    38,810.70
01-Amsterdam Printing-Office Supp    109.98
80-Hanson Eq-Parts    230.38
80-Wylaco Supply-Shop Supplies    376.96
10-Zep Mfg – Operating Supplies    176.74
01-Mtn Surfaces – Bldg Mtce    215.70
01-Gunn Cty Ext-Books    335.19
01-Crystal Mtce – Op Supplies    432.54
02-R Harris-Cell Phone    63.00
10-W Cranor – Cell Phone    45.00
80-Napa Auto Carbondale-Parts    8.42
**-Federal  Express-Parts    66.05
80-RAC Transport-Parts    361.29
02-M Crosby – Cell Phone    63.00
01-Hotel Colorado-Lodging    872.00
**-Roaring Fork Vly Co-op-Fuel    881.65
92-Alpine Express-Grnd Transport    30,804.88
02-Rolland Eng-Engineering    942.50
80-Two Way Commun-Repairs    107.90
92-Rod Landwehr-Prof Svcs    1,260.00
02-Co Historic Society-Subscription    75.00
25-Co Assn of Libraries-Dues    105.00
80-W Implement – Parts    40.03
10-K Lucas – Cell Phone    45.00
80-John Roberts Mtr Wks-Parts    828.27
25-CB Printing-CB Books    225.00
01-Gunn W Fed CU-Credit Union    13,714.88
01-Chg Fd Sheriff-Postage    6.44
25-Family Circle-Magazines    20.56
01-R Corbett-Travel    332.66
10-O J Watson Co-Eq Mtce    501.71
01-Sodexho Inc-Meetings    277.35
01-Jubilee House    2,500.00
**-Respond Systems-Op Supplies    44.80
82-Co State Univ-Software    730.72
**-United Parcel Service – Postage    164.94
01-El Paso County – Autopsy    200.00
01-Mid Am Res Chem-Op Supp    209.92
80-Sunsource-Parts    923.06
**-CB True Value-Sign Matls    70.31
52-KRW Consulting – Prof Svcs    274.74
01-W Folowell-Op Supplies    27.41
01-C Dawson-Health Initiative Imp    65.65
01-Galls Inc-Operating Supplies    351.54
25-Perma Bound-Books    422.81
01-Co State Univ-Prof Svcs    2,825.00
52-ACZ Laboratories-Pr Svcs    116.00
01-Sun Sports-Vehicle Mtce    228.12
25-Ingram Lib Services – Books    2,486.19
30-Co Mosquito Control-Prof  Svcs    22,916.25
80-Co Div Of Minerals-Permits    323.00
34-Cty Tech Svcs-Self-fd Dep    16,338.25
**-Tyler Tech-Permit Tracking    9,682.18
01-Chematox Lab-Op Supplies    17.50
01-R Besecker-Signs    203.26
01-Delta County Ind-Advertising    25.99
51-Ted Bemis-Repairs    775.00
80-J&S Contractors Supply-Inv    349.91
52-United Co-Travel    30.00
52-Associated Bag Co-Op supplies    136.99
80-H & H Towing – Parts    787.50
03-AT&T – Long Distance    726.28
51-Operator Cert Pro-Training    170.00
80-Scotts Custom Canvas-Repairs    345.00
52-Sid Harvey Ind-Op Supplies    47.50
80-Berthod Motors-Parts    81.36
**-Sams Club-Operating Supplies    114.59
01-Lab Safety Supply-Op Supplies    811.25
03-Days Inn-H S Expenses    507.00
01-Gunn Security-Bldg Mtce    278.50
01-Gunn Mfg-Bldg Mtce    22.15
01-Psychological Resources-Pr Svcs    440.00
01-Farrells – Tobacco Control    126.20
01-Sysco Fd Svc-Prisoner Meals    4,390.79
**-Waste Mgt-Trash Removal    74.78
01-M Roper-Grounds Mtce    135.67
01-Boss of Montrose – Rental Equip    113.10
25-Self – Magazines    17.97
01-F Vader – Travel    131.30
01-Silver World Pub-Subscriptions    30.00
01-Sign Guys&Gal!-Implementation    90.00
10-Std Signs-Runway Mtce    2,064.55
02-Lacy Const-Rental Equip    2,815.00
01-ATD American Co-Op Supp    73.55
**-Amerigas-Utilities    3,252.35
01-Rockys Gym-Health Club Mbr    150.00
01-Family Support Reg-Garnishees    215.00
03-Ikon Office Solutions-Eq Mtce    312.65
25-Beth Marcue Design-Off Supp    353.80
02-S McCormick-Cell Phone    53.00
03-Superior Alarm-Eq & Furn    1,176.00
01-K-D Flags-Operating Supplies    404.60
10-J Devore – Cell Phone    45.00
**-Gunn Cty Fire Prot-Other Matl    726.00
02-J Fonken – Meals    97.76
82-Dell Marketing-Equipment    11,622.32
**-Central Dist-Operating Supplies    646.98
10-CDOT-Div of Aeronaut-Mtgs    975.00
01-Co Public Safety-Victim Assist    1,771.92
10-Lohf, Shaiman, Jacobs-Prof Svcs    985.00
82-Insight-Software    12,070.80
92-Charlier Assoc-A/R    14,167.42
51-UNCC-Subscriptions    41.54
02-Simple Threads-Safety Recog    196.35
90-Co State Treas-Unemp Benefits    2,065.00
80-Duckworks Auto-Parts    22.48
80-Tire Centers-Tires    9,031.19
**-Mountain Clean-Op Supplies    962.90
25-Delta Systems-Books    915.94
01-N Starkebaum-Meals    190.00
25-Audio Editions-CD’s    49.90
01-J Kelley – Bioterrorism Grant    185.86
01-R Reed-PC Mtgs    250.00
50-Schmueser Gordon-Engineering    4,772.50
01-J Starr-Travel    1,722.75
12-Town of Pitkin-Sales Tax    585.00
01-T Trantow-Bright Beginnings    9.46
01-Long Building Tech-Eq Mtce    87.36
03-Human Services Expenditures    3,245.56
01-Henry Schein-Prev Grant 2    1,194.86
03-J Vreeke – Travel    185.32
01-S Morrill-Eq & Furn    75.79
82-CDW Government-Op Supplies    1,112.62
01-C Worrall – Travel    241.90
01-B Baker-PC Mtgs    26.79
01-C Smith – Travel    124.33
01-Colo Fitness-Health Club Mbr    690.00
01-Sprint-Long Distance    37.28
25-Upstart – Books    78.84
01-Techno Ply-Op Supplies    925.82
25-Money – Magazines    39.95
01-Midwest Cancer Screen-Lab Svcs    305.90
**-CB News-Advertising    643.09
02-A Moores-Meals    142.00
**-Walmart-Operating Supplies    264.52
01-Stericycle – Operating Supplies    203.94
25-L Sego-Janitorial Services    300.00
10-Ferguson Enterprises-Eq Mtce    40.40
51-Evergreen Analyt-Lab Svcs    401.00
02-Co LTAP – Training    180.00
10-David Neff Design-Runway Mtce    1,093.68
01-G Wren – Meals    14.34
03-S Deetz – Travel    170.36
82-WSC Computer-Internet connect    425.00
01-AFLAC-Supplemental Policies    1,307.42
25-NY Times-CB Books    84.50
03-R Brown-Meetings    53.34
01-N Henry – Travel    78.58
01-United Repro Supply-Mtce Cntr    126.77
**-Atmos Energy-Utilities    5,493.10
70-CHFA-Interest Pmt    210.58
**-Kroger-Prisoner Medical    555.57
**-McLeod – Telephone    857.56
03-K Stewart – Travel    251.06
02-J Brekke – Cell Phone    63.00
01-Reaction Engineering-Op Supp    314.00
01-GMPCS-Satellite phone    58.92
01-Rita McDermott-Prof Svcs    60.00
**-CB Weekly-Advertising    153.50
01-N Lypps – PC Mtgs    250.00
92-Airplanners-Contract Temp Help    5,913.11
**-NGS American-Admin fees    3,862.30
01-J Stevenson-Landscaping    400.00
01-Public Safety Whse-Op Supp    134.95
02-Forestry Suppliers-Oth Matls    117.10
**-Wells Fargo Cr Card-Travel    22,320.92
25-Natl Geographic – Books    9.97
**-Write on-Advertising    200.00
03-M Semlow – Travel    240.86
01-Stepping Stones-Contribution    5,000.00
01-Globalstar-Satellite Phone    109.22
03-B Greenwood – Travel    219.45
70-Williams Engineering-Prof Svcs    4,495.00
12-Plaza Reprographics-Business Pk    69.30
10-Golden Eagle – Trash Removal    177.50
80-Denver Ind Sales – Parts    1,675.11
02-Varra Co – Gravel & Sand    1,704.54
01-Printrite-Printing & Publishing    117.40
25-Penworthy – Books    82.78
01-A-1 Collection-Garnishees    708.67
25-Blackstone Audiobooks-CD’s    119.25
01-Gunnison Rotary    1,875.00
02-Bicycle Co-Subscriptions    100.00
01-Chg Fd Immig-Co Tr Immig    92.00
72-Wells Fargo – Pr & Int    3,040.65
25-Co Library Consortium-Books    100.00
90-Triad Resource Grp-Emp Assist    1,123.20
01-Dr Timothy Bonney-Prenatal    1,000.00
01-R & S Northeast-Pharm Supp    1,236.10
01-I Billick – PC Mtgs    250.00
01-CB/Mt CB Bartenders-CB Taxi    625.00
**-AT&T Mobility-Cell Phone    434.26
82-Tuck Comm Svc-Telephone    9,014.50
03-C Smock-Title XX Training    675.00
**-Montrose Cty-Health Initi Imp    3,128.72
**-Qwest Business Svcs-Long Dist    431.13
01-M Pelletier-Travel    12.00
01-Gunn Vet Clinic-K-9 Mtce    144.96
01-Cochran Fish & Wildlife-Pr Svcs    6,550.00
70-W Slope Office Sol-Prof Svcs    16.50
01-Co County Clerks Assn-Dues    375.00
01-High Cntry Garage Dr-BldgMtce    1,908.00
**-Laudick Auto-Shop Supplies    122.72
92-Truex Mgt Svcs-Prof Svcs    5,000.00
01-H Channell – Cell phone    53.00
01-M Wacker – Meetings    253.28
01-Emp Secirity Dept-Garnishees    170.00
51-City of GJ – Lab Svcs    60.74
01-R Karas – PC Mtgs    250.00
01-Colo State Univ-Health Initi Imp    3,811.39
03-M Cheever – Cell phone    67.63
01-Sage Resources – Prof Svcs    6,702.27
80-Boom-a-rang-Shop Supplies    98.00
92-United Airlines-Guarantees    135,757.00
01-Hinsdale Cty-Healthy Aging Grnt    5,841.64
01-Co Legal Svcs-?Co Trust Immig    418.00
01-T&A Ent-Janitorial Svcs    4,100.00
01-Alpine Cleaning-Janitorial Svcs    4,900.00
01-Montrose Mem Hosp-Autopsies    625.00
01-E McPhail – Meals    19.92
**-Prof Elevator Insp-Mtce Contr    1,100.00
25-Smithsonian – Magazine    19.00
80-Fastenal Ind – Parts    224.41
10-Time-Warner Cable-Utilities    69.95
01-D Owen-PC Mtgs    250.00
80-WF Communications-Shop Equip    576.50
80-Budget Line-Trash Removal    270.00
01-J Messner-PC Mtgs    250.00
01-Krames-Prev Grant 2    41.30
01-K Haase-Meals    17.10
01-M Birnie-Cell Phone    70.00
82-Mitchell & Co-Software    579.74
01-Alpha Med Dist-Op Supp    74.59
**-W Slope Mtce-Prof Svcs    730.00
01-J Wyman-Cloud Seeding    176.02
03-J Mason-Cell Phone    63.00
25-Natural Home-Magazines    19.00
01-S Lumb-PC Mtgs    250.00
01-D Harris-Prof Svcs    1,224.00
25-A Hodges-Contract Temp Help    52.00
03-L Oltmann – Travel    596.53
03-Atmos Corp-H S Expense    771.88
01-G Howard-HCBS Grant Exp    31.31
**-Roshambo-Office Supplies    962.25
01-Accurint-Software Subscr    30.00
03-A Harris – Travel    305.72
01-FNC-Investment Commission    3,600.00
90-Lincoln Natl-Life Ins Premiums    1,586.14
03-Youthzone-Prof Svcs    80.00
01-C Pagano – Travel    228.41
41-McGraw Hill Const-Advertising    897.00
80-Gunn Auto Glass-Parts    1,007.15
**-Gunnison Shipping-Postage    127.11
01-M Mugglestone-Prof Svcs    1,230.00
01-Co Pub Health-ISDS Fees    80.00
80-Saddleback Matls-Inventory oth    5,700.00
90-ACE-USA – Life Ins Premiums    231.30
03-Santa Fe Sheriff-Prof Svcs    30.00
03-Larimer County Sheriff-Pr Svcs    245.80
10-C Cadwell-Cell Phone    53.06
01-Facility Solutions-Op Supp    246.67
80-Alpine Lumber-Parts    119.95
12-Consulting LLC – Prof Svcs    9,950.00
10-K Gant-Cell Phone    60.90
92-R Strickland – Advertising    120.00
01-Upper Arkansas Vly Wild-Trng    1,040.00
01-Susan Bonfield-Prof Svcs    1,000.00
01-Desired Outcomes-Early Cldhd     2,260.85
03-Co Public Safety-Prof Svcs    79.00
03-D Payne – Travel    164.13
03-Shred it Denver-Prof Svcs    75.00
03-Welborn & Assoc-Dues & Mtgs    1,445.00
70-Jon Szalankiewicz-Prof Svcs    500.00
01-Robert Watts – Subscriptions    89.00
Total    751,472.33
The above and foregoing is a condensed statement of the Commissioners’ Proceedings at the regular meeting held in the Commissioners’ Room in the County Courthouse in Gunnison, Colorado on the 20th of May, 2008. A.D.
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of August 1, 2008. #080105



The Gunnison County Public Works Department will begin chip sealing Monday, August 4, 2008.  Please expect delays at the following sites:
• August 4, 2008 – Rifle Range Road (County Road 18)
• August 5, 2008 – Gold Basin Road (County Road 38)
• August 6, 2008 – Gold Basin Road (County Road 38)
• August 7, 2008 – Cement Creek Road (County Road 740)
• August 11, 2008 – Brush Creek Road (County Road 738)
• August 12, 2008 – Kebler Pass (County Road 12) {from the Town of Crested Butte west}
Please contact 641-0044 with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during these projects.
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of August 1, 2008. #080108


Annual Meeting of Property Owners – 2008
Sunday, August 10, 2008, 3:00 p.m.
Sunset Hall, 349 Teocalli Road, Crested Butte South
Gunnison County, Colorado

Questions about this Agenda/Meeting can be directed to 349-1162 or This agenda can also be viewed at
3:00 PM    Call to Order, Welcome, Introductions
3:05 PM    Reading of the Minutes of the 2007 Annual Meeting
3:15 PM    Year-to-Date Financial Report
3:30 PM    Officers Reports
3:45 PM    Incorporation Feasibility Study Review
4:15 PM     Property Owners Comments /Questions Time
4:45 PM    Miscellaneous Business
4:55 PM    Election of Directors Closes – Three (3) Seats
5:00 PM    Adjournment
5:00 PM     Please join us after the Meeting in the Park for the
3rd Annual Property Owners Picnic with FREE FOOD and
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of August 1, 2008. #080106



Colorado Division of Wildlife will be accepting bids for grazing of two parcels of pasture on the Miller Ranch State Wildlife Area located approximately 16.5 miles north of the City of Gunnison CO.  Grazing on the first parcel would begin on or around the fourth of August for a 45 day period and be capable of handling 100 head of cattle.  The second parcel would be grazed starting September 15 and continue for 30 days and carry 100 head of cattle.  Successful bidder is responsible for health and well being of livestock while on premises.
Bidders will be required to submit their sealed bid to the D.O.W. office at 300 West New York Ave. by August 1, 2008 5:00 P.M.
All bidders will be notified of results by end of business August 4, 2008.
Successful bid will be for this year only ending November 10, 2008.
Details for the purpose of bidding can be found with bid sheets at D.O.W. office 300 W. New York Ave., Gunnison or contacting Wayne D. Brown Property Technician @ (970)641-7066.
The Colorado Division of Wildlife reserves the right to refuse any and all bids.
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of July 25 and August 1, 2008. #072507

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