Commissioners make appointments to county boards and commissions

Many are serving second terms

The Gunnison County planning commission will see a familiar face more often with the board of county commissioners’ appointment of John Messner on Tuesday, February 17, to the regular full-time position that was left open by Nick Lypps.



Messner has served as an alternate on the commission for a one-year term and is now serving a regular three-year term. Lypps was appointed to the Historical Preservation Board.  
Selma Eastman and Sam Lumb were also appointed to the planning commission as alternate members. They will each serve a one-year term.
The planning commission meets bimonthly to discuss permits involving land use changes that effect property inside Gunnison County. It then makes recommendations to the county commissioners on how they should vote, based on whether or not projects meet the requirements of the county’s Land Use Resolution or Special Project Development Regulations.
Appointees to the county’s 22 boards and commissions are made after an application and interview process that ended last month. According to commissioner Hap Channell, the appointees are chosen based on interest and experience in a certain field.
The terms of appointment vary between boards.
The majority of appointees are volunteers. But there are three boards whose members are paid per meeting: $125 for Planning Commission members and $75 for members of the Environmental Health Board and the Boards of Appeals and Adjustments. The Veteran’s Services officer also gets a stipend of $300 per month.
Other board appointments included Fred Haverly who was appointed to a regular 5-year hospital board position, replacing Phil Chamberland. Robert Hall was appointed to finish the remaining 4 years on John Roberts’ term after he stepped down from the board.
Several of the boards and commissions were filled with reappointed members, including the Trails Commission, the Emergency Medical Services board and the Veteran’s Services Board.

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