Next season’s ski passes on sale in March

“That’s the killer deal”

Saving up for a season pass at Crested Butte Mountain Resort next year? Then hopefully the piggy bank is already full, or at least getting close. The deadline for getting the cheapest deal on a season pass is getting pushed up again next season—by about four months.



From March 1 to April 5 CBMR is offering gold and platinum season passes at last year’s early season price. A gold pass runs $849 and a platinum is $899. The passes were actually the same price during the 06-07 winter season, meaning CBMR has offered the same deal for three years running. “We’re offering passes in the month of March, at what is essentially the price of two years ago. It is unprecedented in the ski industry to have the same pass price three years in a row,” says CBMR chief operating officer Ken Stone.
The 2009-2010 season at CBMR will begin on November 25 and close on April 5.
Season passes at the lowest price are being offered for sale online only during that time period. There will be a short break in pass sales, then from June 1 to September 7 the price goes up 50 bucks, and after that, for the rest of the season, gold passes will start at $1,274.
“This year we kind of broke [the pricing tiers] out a little longer,” says CBMR skier services manager Alex Brown. Last season, passes did not go on sale until June 18, and the early season pricing ended on August 1.
“Being the way the economy is, it’s certainly a factor,” Stone says of the changes in the pricing.
“If it’s not an option for people to buy one in the month of March and get the lowest price, we are making a slight increase in the next sales period,” Stone says.
But considering the country’s, and even the Gunnison Valley’s, recent economic downturn, Stone says, the resort will be offering a pass financing program to help people with the purchase of a gold or platinum pass. The financing program will be available only for the pricing tier that starts on June 1, but those who enroll will be able to split the cost of the pass over four months between July and October. There is a $40 processing fee for the financing program, and a credit card is required.
Bronze passes and mountain cards will go on sale June 1 and do not have an early spring discount. Prices for mountain cards, with the exception of the X-Card, have all gone up slightly. The CB Card is now $45 instead of $40, and the EZ Pass went from $414 to $435. Stone says there are two pricing periods for mountain cards (except for the X Card and CB Card), but the resort will also be advertising some special deals on mountain cards in the fall.
Pricing for business passes will also be announced in the fall.
Stone says CBMR is also trying to add some value to the ordinary pass purchase this year. People who don’t currently have a season pass can purchase one for next year and ski for the rest of the 08-09 season. CBMR communications director Todd Walton says, “If you don’t have a pass this year it’s a great opportunity to ski the rest of the season and bump up for next year.”
The purchase of a platinum pass (only $50 more when purchased early) will also be good for the 2009 and 2010 summers. “That’s the killer deal,” Brown says.
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