Gunnison Trails offers weekly trail discussions

Representatives from Gunnison Trails will be at the Gunnison Brewery, 138 N. Main, every Monday through June 1 from 5 to 7 p.m. to discuss anything that has to do with Gunnison area trails, with an emphasis on the recently released Forest Service and BLM Travel Proposal. Discuss your interests over a cold one (they have root beer, too).



If the past is any indication, this proposal will guide all trail and road activities on the area’s public lands for the next few decades.
At a glance, this process and the volumes of maps and data that go along with it are confusing at best. Gunnison Trails can help people sort through it quickly and will even have the public comment sheets available to complete on the spot or to take home.
Additional topics might include: An introduction to Gunnison Trails for anyone not familiar with the organization and questions, suggestions or concerns about Gunnison Trails, its mission or its priorities.
So come by the Brewery and let’s discuss Gunnison area trails.

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