Mining company soliciting public comments in early June

“There are no preconceived notions…”

While things might not be moving at lightning speed, the company hoping to mine molybdenum from Mount Emmons is taking another step toward that goal. Thompson Creek Metals Company is soliciting local comments on the project. Two days are being set aside for the public to stop by the company’s offices in Gunnison and Crested Butte and talk about the proposal.



“We are really trying to start from scratch,” emphasized Mount Emmons Project director of community relations Perry Anderson. “We are trying to get people to give input. We want locals to come by and express their concerns, their ideas and anything out there. For example, we don’t have any plan at the moment. There is no truck route in our mind. We are open to everything. There are no preconceived notions.”
The first of the open-house-type gatherings will be Tuesday, June 2 at the Gunnison office, located at 120 North Boulevard. The Crested Butte meeting will take place at the 120 Elk Avenue office on Thursday, June 4. Both will run from 10 in the morning until 7 at night. “It is drop-in style or a come-and-go format,” explained Anderson.
According to Anderson, the company will have maps and charts of the project, engineers available to answer questions and take comments, and a comment sheet for visitors to leave statements.
The company had hoped to conduct baseline data studies this summer but the Forest Service made it clear that extensive oversight would be needed before any disturbance to the area could be made, even for studies. Anderson said this summer’s work would consist primarily of “desk-top” examinations utilizing historic data and evaluating modern mining methods that could be utilized for a Mount Emmons mine.
“There will be no disturbance activities up there this summer,” Anderson said. “We are looking at a pre-feasibility study and taking a fresh look at the operation. That was the plan all along.”
Anderson said the comments made at the local meetings in June would be incorporated into their studies. The company plans to conduct a more traditional public meeting later in the summer.

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