CBMR and CBMBA join funds for trails

Bridges, ladders and skills zone

Cooperation between Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) and the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (CBMBA) continues on Crested Butte Mountain.


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While efforts thus far this summer have resulted in additional prime single track on the mountain, the latest plan includes a financial aspect.
Both CBMR and CBMBA are pitching in $1,750, for a total of $3,500 to help cover the costs of constructing bridges and ladders for mountain bikes at the base area and on the Woods Trail.
While the money comes from the two groups—CBMBA’s graciously provided by donations from the Colorado 500—the onus of construction will be upon CBMR.
“It’s a little unique to CBMBA because we usually build stuff but we’re letting them build it,” says John Chandler, president of CBMBA.
It’s a two-pronged effort both to offer an area to introduce mountain bikers to “free riding” obstacles, and to put some more advanced free riding options on the existing Woods Trail.
“It’s a cooperative effort to enhance the trail system on the mountain,” says Drew Cesati, mountain sports director for the Crested Butte Mountain Resort.
While CBMBA has spearheaded trail work, trail building and trail awareness on single track in the surrounding national forest for the past 25 years, they’re now looking to expand their work to include free ride options for riders of all abilities—tapping into the latest rage in mountain biking.
According to Chandler, CBMBA board member Doug Bradbury attended an International Mountain Biking Association meeting and came back to report that free riding parks and skill courses are being built across the nation to accommodate the new wave of mountain bikers.
“We haven’t had a lot of that here and obviously it’s a big part of mountain biking,” says Chandler. “Now it just makes sense.”
According to Chandler, CBMBA will be using funds donated by the Colorado 500 over the past couple of years.
The plan includes some wider beginner bridges no higher than six inches off the ground in a skills learning area at the base area as well as some single track to try climbing and descending, complete with a variety of minor obstacles.
“It will be a way to become accustomed to features that you may find on the trails up there,” says Chandler. “An individual can go learn the skills and then put them to the test on the mountain.”
In addition, CBMR will add a new free ride option on the Woods Trail in the Gold Link/Prospect area.
“The main line will be entry-level bridging and a secondary line will be more advanced,” says Cesati.
The work is slated to begin this week and is just the beginning of future projects geared toward kids, beginner riders as well as the free ride community.
“We hope to see it evolve every year,” says Chandler, “and keep building on the skills zone.”
“We’re psyched to see it happen,” adds Cesati.

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