Gunnison Legals

—Request for Proposal—
Office Building – New or Existing
Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District

The UGRWCD is seeking proposals for the purchase of a new or existing office building.  General requirements are as follows:
    • Location: In or near the City of Gunnison, Colorado.
    • Size: Approximately 3000 square feet, including provision for 800 square feet conference room (ADA accessible.
    • Must have adequate on-site parking and snow storage space.
All proposals must be submitted by 5:00 p.m., August 31, 2009 to the following location:
    Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District
    234 Main St., Suite 3C
    Gunnison, CO  81230
Please note that the District may consider all or none of the submitted proposals.
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issues of August 21 and 28, 2009. #082104



At the regular meeting of the County Commissioners of Gunnison County, held in the Commissioners’ Room in the Gunnison County Courthouse, the County Seat, on the 21st of July, 2009, vouchers were approved and warrants ordered drawn on the accounts as follows:

01-General Fund    261,219.51
02-Road & Bridge    370,312.72
03-Social Services    29,304.64
10-Airport Operations    28,790.03
12-Sales Tax    60,845.25
30-Mosquito District    12,076.50
32-Sage Grouse Trust    3.62
34-Risk Management    1,721.29
41-Airport Construction    101,756.84
43-Capital Expenditures    318,276.04
50-Sewer Districts    16,969.90
51-Water District    11,844.11
52-Landfill    16,833.70
70-Housing Authority    28,542.56
72-Assisted Living    3,040.65
80-Internal Service-I    190,732.09
82-Internal Service-II    16,446.29
90-Internal Service-III    33,403.06
91-Local Marketing Dist    72,921.15
92-Transportation Dist    48,991.85
                           Total    $1,624,031.80
01-Douglas Cty Sheriff-Pr Svc    39.50
03-Boulder Cty Sheriff-Pr Svc    18.20
01-James Gall-Contr Temp Help    163.80
12-Access Hdwe Supp-Eq HCC    8,244.30
01-N Hagan-ECC Co Tr Grant    260.00
01-Hospice Midland-Disc Spnd    50.00
01-San Diego State Univ-Imple    465.00
01-Season Sch Hse-Early Chdhd    1,572.00
01-K Stewart-Prev Grant 2    105.00
01-T Tall Bull-Prev Grant 2    125.00
01-Trailhd Museum-Early Chldhd    500.00
10-Avis-Ground Transport    11,747.06
43-Tait Radio-Montrose Eq    48,356.00
03-Human Services Exp    6,635.48
01-Lorman Ed Svc-Training    159.00
01-Hawthorn Suites-Nurse/Fam    456.30
**-Petty Cash R&B-Shop Supp    211.28
01-Petty Cash PH – Postage    67.33
01-U S Post office-Postage    384.27
01-Office of the Dist Atty-Pr Svc    63,018.00
01-W Lbr Supp-Landscaping    12.80
01-Thyssenkrupp Elevator-Mtce    2,937.01
**-City of Gunn Utilities    7,744.44
82-Pitney Bowes-Eq Rental    3,024.00
**-Paper Clip-Off Supp    9,406.62
**-Xerox-Eq Rental    945.84
**-Sweitzer Oil – Fuel    31,544.62
**-Qwest-Telephone    1,279.82
**-Co Public Health-Lab Svcs    1,190.50
01-Gunn Vly Hosp-Cancer Cont    159.58
01-Safeway-Prisoner meals    210.07
**-TDS Telecom-Long Dist    328.99
**-Gunn Ctry Pub-Adv    711.17
**-GCEA – Utilities    1,946.68
12-Town of CB-Sales Tax Redistr    9,642.56
**-Monty’s – Parts    2,872.59
80-MacDonald Eq-Hvy Eq    77,000.00
80-MHC Kenworth-Parts    430.01
80-Hartman Bros-Shop Supp    28.80
80-Drive Train Ind-Parts    374.63
03-Gunn Cty Sheriff-Pr Svcs    26.96
**-Fullmers-Eq Mtce    3,312.59
**-Gunn Vly Fam Phy-Pris Med    235.00
80-Honnen Eq-Parts    2,897.21
**-Master Petroleum-Fuel    1,309.49
01-Glassco-Bldg Mtce    37.11
80-Holy Cross Energy-Util    38.15
80-Wagner Eq-Parts    38,207.82
**-Delta Montrose Elect-Util    467.77
**-Gunn Fam Med Ctr-FP Init    1,430.00
**-Standard Tire – Parts    420.86
01-Marios-Pr Svcs    300.00
80-D-A Lubricant-Oil    3,277.26
**-Alsco – Laundry    410.05
01-J Williams-Travel    253.11
**-Blue Mesa Lbr-Bldg Mtce    31.34
**-Jerry Greene-Engineering    2,025.00
10-Sherwin-Williams-Bldg Mtce    66.20
80-Tomichi Tire-Tires    1,396.45
**-Gunn Country Shopper-Adv    647.11
02-Schmalz Const-Eq Rental    2,100.00
02-Gunn Cons Dist-Op Supp    46.03
80-W Slope Fire-Shop Supp    325.00
12-Town of Marble-Sales Tax    181.07
02-Newman Traffic Signs-Matls    1,433.79
80-L Partch-Cell Phone    45.00
43-J Stone-Travel    1,011.87
80-Faris Machinery-Parts    2,877.24
10-Gunn Metal – Op Supp    9.00
80-Roberts Ent-Trash Removal    86.00
**-City of Gunn Oth-Sales Tax    47,607.02
**-Hanson Eq-Eq Rental    3,739.79
01-G Lickiss-A/R    239.80
80-Wylaco Supply-Sign Matls    1,176.68
10-Gene Taylors-Eq Mtce    16.99
80-Gunn Tire Co-Repairs    60.00
01-Gunn Cty Ext-Dues & Mtgs    507.09
80-Mtn Eq-Shop Supp    832.79
**-Federal Express-Postage    93.39
80-RAC Transport-Parts    57.35
02-M Crosby-Cell Phone    45.00
80-Roaring Fork Vly Coop-Fuel    1,344.70
03-Jim Miles-H S Exp    1,000.00
92-Alpine Express-Ground Trans    32,030.05
01-Counsel for Children-Dues    90.00
01-Maximus-Pr Svcs    2,800.00
02-Rolland Eng-Engineering    9,668.20
80-Two Way Comm-Repairs    60.00
92-R Landwehr-Pr Svcs    265.00
02-Co Hist Society-Dues    30.00
80-W Implement-Parts    700.36
80-N Fork Service-Parts    41.65
10-K Lucas-Op Supp    130.92
02-GMCO Corp-Dust Retard    266,908.60
01-Petty Cash Sheriff-Op Supp    36.69
10-Swire Coca-Cola-Vend Mach    96.00
01-Gunn Chamber-Teambldg    50.00
**-Munro Supply-Parts    713.14
**-Co Dept of Health-State Fees    3,442.44
10-D Fry-Cell Phone    70.00
**-Respond Systems-Op Supp    177.65
01-Rky Mtn Biol-Early Childhd    639.00
01-Co State Univ-Pr Svcs    11,357.70
10-UPS – Postage    18.65
02-Michael Collins-Pr Svcs    1,200.00
03-Co Pub Safety-Pr Svcs    96.50
02-N Star Survey – Pr Svc    2,925.00
80-Kois Bros Eq-Parts    198.17
52-CB True Value-Op Supp    45.15
52-KRW Consult-Pr Svcs    2,671.22
01-C Dawson-Health Init    51.29
80-Galls Inc-Sheriff’s Veh    857.95
43-Motorola-Ouray & Delta Eq    128,705.00
**-Spallone Const-Contr Retain    33,918.09
01-Co State Univ-Pr Svcs    2,950.00
30-Co Mosquito Control-Pr Svcs    12,076.50
**-County Tech Svcs-Ins&Bonds    1,665.60
01-Mtn Windows-Eq & Furn    69.28
01-Tyler Tech-Software Subscr    1,588.00
02-Delta County Ind-Adver    43.60
03-City of Gunn Parks-Pr Svcs    199.00
**-GJ  Pipe-Bldg Imp    4,485.02
01-Van Diest Supply-Op Supp    923.20
**-United Co-Gravel    6,933.40
01-Triange Fence-Grounds Mtce    165.00
02-Gunn Const-Eq Rental    334.00
10-Sam’s Club-Op Supp    154.37
03-Days Inn-H S Exp    78.00
01-Gunn Security-Eq Mtce    70.00
51-Hach Co-Mtce    3,423.80
01-Sysco Fd Svc-Prisoner Meals    4,741.76
80-Waste Mgt-Trash Removal    20.03
43-Montrose Cty-Unexp Rev    799.98
01-M Roper-Cell Phone    55.50
01-Verizon Wireless-Laptops    49.21
51-Randall Ind-Op Supp    641.52
**-Boss-Eq Mtce    343.15
01-F Vader-Travel    154.90
**-Sign Guys & Gal!-Early Chld    271.00
01-Lang & Lang-SB 94    1,185.00
01-Office Mach Sales-Eq Mtce    84.00
02-David Barton-Pr Svcs    901.00
01-Fam Supp Reg-Garnishees    215.00
01-Firebrand-PC Mtgs    274.15
82-IKON Office Sol-Eq Rent    622.87
80-Tire Dist Sys-Tires    228.75
02-S McCormick-Cell Phone    35.00
**-Superior Alarm-Mtce Contr    600.00
10-J Devore-Cell Phone    61.85
02-J Callahan-Travel    50.16
03-Safeway-H S Exp    79.59
10-Central Dist-Op Supp    1,006.43
**-Dove Graphics-Postage    1,549.76
82-Insight – Sys Eq Improve    7,699.83
51-UNCC-Subscriptions    50.82
**-Tire Ctrs Inc-CAPP Ins Claim    2,221.29
01-J Kelley-Nurse/Fam Ptnr    586.45
01-R Reed-PC Mtgs    250.00
50-Schmueser Gordon-Eng    7,049.46
03-State Forms-Off Supp    104.96
12-Town of Pitkin-Sales Tax    204.00
01-S Morrill-Cell Phone    95.00
01-Quartermaster-Op Supp    130.97
01-Hart Intercivic-Off Supp    23.00
**-GL Computer Svc-Pr Svc    72.75
70-Comm Banks-Pr & Int    22,645.27
01-C Smith-Cell Phone    45.00
01-Co Fitness-H C Mbrship    1,080.00
01-Sprint-Long Dist    53.89
01-MW Cancer Screen-Lab Svc    647.50
**-Wells Fargo Brokerage-Lease    15,018.44
**-CB News-Advertising    536.31
02-A Moores-Cell Phone    45.00
**-Walmart-Landscaping    744.76
10-S Spitzmiller-Cell Phone    140.00
01-Sullivan Green Seavy-Pr Svcs    3,217.50
01-Stericycle-WIC Program    484.29
**-Lexis Nexis-e-file & Serve    164.50
70-Mt CB Wtr & Sewer-Util    556.44
**-David Neff Design-Const Cost    14,535.48
03-S Deetz-Travel    165.13
82-WSC Computer-Sys S/W Subs    425.00
80-Rky Mtn Supply-Parts    2,259.40
01-AFLAC-Supp Policies    1,522.73
80-Bobcat of the Rockys-Parts    232.46
01-Western World-Op Supp    67.00
01-B Cowan-Travel    71.50
03-R Brown-Travel    231.67
**-Atmos Energy-Utilities    2,014.22
70-CHFA-Int Pmt    210.58
**-Kroger-Prisoner Medical    1,561.00
41-Jacobs Carter Burgess-Pr Svcs    87,374.50
01-K Stewart-Reg 10 Grant    75.35
02-J Brekke-Cell Phone    45.00
52-Charles D Jones Co-Eq Mtce    46.15
01-GMPCS Pers Com-Sat Phone    59.86
80-Delta Implement-Parts    210.82
01-Jim Thomas Const-Bldg Mtce    3,000.00
01-CB Weekly-Tobacco Control    146.25
92-Airplanners-Contr Temp Help    5,991.91
**-NGS American-Admin Fees    4,108.15
51-Terry Zerger-Engineering    325.00
91-Gunn/CB Tourism-Contr Svcs    72,916.67
01-J Stevenson-Landscaping    600.00
02-Tracker Software-S/W Subscr    500.00
70-Pitchfork – Dues    32.40
03-Wells Fargo Cr Card-Travel    1,982.27
01-Crystal Vly Echo-Adver    125.00
01-T Dill – Meals    88.00
01-Write On – Prev Grant 2    90.00
03-M Semlow-Cell Phone    62.76
01-Stepping Stones-Early Chldhd    1,200.00
01-Globalstar-Sat Phone    124.74
70-Williams Eng-Pr Svcs    4,955.00
01-OMB Police Supply-Eq    378.49
01-MW  Co MHC – SB 94    100.00
01-A & B Mech Svcs-Equip    6,020.46
02-High Country Shopper-Adv    98.00
51-Winwater Works-Op Supp    20.10
01-Off for Resource Efficiency    3,750.00
**-Drug Testing-Pr Svcs    1,526.00
80-K Biesemeyer-Eq Rent    225.00
01-Pacer Svc Ctr-e-file & Serve    18.88
72-Wells Fargo Bank-Pr & Int    3,040.65
90-Triad Res Grp-Emp Assist    1,224.27
01-Dr Timothy Bonney-Prenatal    500.00
92-S Truex-Meals    18.26
01-I Billick-PC Mtgs    125.00
**-AT&T Mobility-Cell Phones    338.79
82-Tuck Comm Svc-Eq     238.00
01-Montrose Cty HHS-Hlth Init    1,348.09
52-Central States Wire-Op Supp    7,436.00
03-CSSDA-Dues & Mtgs    200.00
03-L Rascon-Cell Phone    90.00
01-Intl Code Council-Dues    100.00
**-Qwest Bus Svc-Long Dist    467.56
03-Quick Draw-H S Exp    194.00
01-Cochran Fish&Wildlf-Pr Svcs    6,666.67
**-Laudick Auto-Parts    945.29
01-Qualistar – Op Supp    20.00
92-Truex Mgt Svcs-Pr Svcs    5,600.00
43-QDS Commun-Delta Eq    107,138.00
01-M Wacker-Prev Grant 2    138.20
01-Emp Sec Dept-Garnishees    170.00
02-Pro Com – Pr Svcs    175.00
01-R Karas-PC Mtgs    250.00
03-M Cheever-Cell phone    45.00
03-Monica Billow-Makler-Pr Svc    900.00
01-Apex Nutrition-WIC Prog    1,125.00
82-Guaranteed Recyc-Disp Fees    531.42
01-Hinsdale P H -Hlthy Aging    4,531.33
01-T&A Ent-Janitorial Svcs    4,100.00
01-Alpine Cleaning-Janitorial Svc    4,900.00
80-R&B Supply-Shop Supplies    198.00
01-D Owen-PC Mtgs    125.00
01-K McFarland-A/R    222.20
92-Comm Banks – Interest    207.63
80-Budget Line-Trash Removal    279.00
01-J Messner-PC Mtgs    250.00
50-Benchmark Elect-Pr Svcs    330.00
01-M Birnie-Cell Phone    150.00
82-Mitchell & Co-Pr Svcs    2,156.00
**-West Slope Mtce-Pr Svcs    730.00
03-J Mason-Travel    51.99
01-K Bemis-WIC Program    139.70
01-Paul’s Plants II-Landscaping    323.00
01-K Daily – Landscaping    564.00
01-Allied Ins-Bonds & Ins    350.00
01-S Lumb-PC Mtgs    250.00
01-Hanson & Wilson-G Dental    550.00
03-L Oltmann-Travel    265.69
03-Atmos Energy-A/P Misc    180.02
01-Griffith Ctrs-SB 94    2,398.23
01-G Howard-HCBS Grant    19.80
01-Accurint-Software Subsc    50.00
03-A Harris-Travel    300.97
01-Intermtn Pathol-Autopsies    1,800.00
90-Lincoln Natl Life-Ins Prem    1,981.44
80-G Reichle-Eq Rent    225.00
80-Gunn Auto Glass-Parts    435.15
01-M Mugglestone-Pr Svcs    3,711.26
01-Co Pub Health-State ISDS Fee    260.00
01-Weidner-Pr Svcs    9,179.14
90-ACE-USA-Life Ins Premium    264.80
10-C Cadwell-Cell Phone    35.00
01-Staples -Off Supplies    55.76
80-GJ Peterbilt-Parts    177.22
52-Toxco-Hazardous Waste    290.00
03-Sherry Ruble-Pr Svcs    5,400.00
03-Garfield Cty Sheriff-Pr Svcs    37.60
01-N Salemme-Nurt Parent    6.61
01-J Grant-Early Childhd Exp    226.03
80-Montrose Ford-Parts    199.94
01-Senter,Goldfarb-Pr Svcs    142.37
01-Park Cty Sheriff-Pris Housing    1,350.00
80-Varsity Dist-Shop Supp    95.17
01-Smith Med-Pharm Supp    21.06
01-USGS-Pr Svcs    28,125.00
90-Sun Life-Stop Loss Prem    26,019.46
01-Main St Gym-H C Mbrship    240.00
01-Gunn Lib Dist-Early Chldhd    1,048.03
01-Peggy Castenholz-Pr Svcs    133.95
01-Lit Action-Early Childhd Exp    759.00
01-S Eastman-PC Mtgs    250.00
03-Behavior Data-Subscriptions    160.00
03-E Rvr Counseling-Pr Svcs    375.00
02-Alpine Pots-Eq Rental    240.00
01-B Harless-Pr Svcs    2,239.41
03-Allison Schultheis-Pr Svcs    2,025.00
01-Moffet Consulting-Pr Svcs    4,283.01
02-Overland Trucking-Eq Rental    19,315.00
01-Perry’s Priv Locates-Bldg Imp    187.50
03-The Place I Go-Pr Svcs    45.00
02-D Perkins-Meals    144.00
01-Larry Jensen-Pr Svcs    300.00
10-Jet Terminal Svcs-Eq Mtce    4,953.00
80-C Lupton-Eq Rental    225.00
50-Mackay Const-Oth Matls    3,130.40
02-Mtn Pest Control-Bldg Mtce    135.50
80-Black Rock Trading-Parts    1,484.50
01-SPC-Invest Comm/fees    120.33
80-LAWS – Vehicles    24,288.00
01-Positive Action-Imple    5,500.00
10-Nick Hirsch-Bldg Mtce    1,672.00
02-Pavement Mtce-Pr Svc    50,800.72
70-Petty Cash Housing-Off Supp    19.75
01-M Kuehlhorn – SB 94    143.00
01-Circle of Concern-Postage    11.65
01-Robert Reid-LUC Fees    150.00
01-N Am Weather-Pr Svcs    5,000.00
01-Montrose M Hosp-Autopsy    250.00
01-Roshambo-Advertising    45.00
01-Oxford Hotel – Lodging    431.19
51-Liquid Eng Corp-Pr Svcs    2,763.60
                           Total    $1,624,031.80
The above and foregoing is a condensed statement of the Commissioners’ Proceedings at the regular meeting held in the Commissioners’ Room in the County Courthouse in Gunnison, Colorado on the 21st of July, 2009 A.D.
NOTE:  The Commissioners’ Proceedings will no longer be published in both newspapers each month, but will be published alternate months in the Crested Butte News and the Gunnison Country Times.  They are available as well at
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of August 28, 2009. #082801


—Gunnison County Board of County Commissioners Meetings—

The Board of County Commissioners meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month for Regular Meetings and on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month for Work Sessions.  Special Meetings, including Public Hearings, may be scheduled at any time.     
Meetings are held in the Gunnison County Board of County Commissioners’ boardroom located in the Gunnison County Courthouse at 200 E. Virginia, Gunnison, CO 81230.  Agendas are posted in the glass display case at the Courthouse and on the County’s website at  Agendas are subject to the addition of items up to 24 hours in advance of a meeting.  Deletions from an agenda may occur at any time.  For further information, please contact County Administration at (970) 641-0248.  If special accommodations are necessary per ADA requirements, please contact County Administration or TTY 641-3061 prior to the meeting. 
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of August 28, 2009. #082809



The Board of County Commissioners of Gunnison County, Colorado as owner and operator of the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport, requests proposals from qualified parties to enter into an on-airport Food and Beverage concession at the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport.
The Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport is located on U.S. Highway 50 approximately 200 miles west of Denver.  It serves the residents, businesses and visitors of the City of Gunnison, Town of Crested Butte, and Town of Mt. Crested Butte and surrounding areas. 
A full copy of the “Request for Proposals” can be obtained at the Airport Administration Office, 519 W. Rio Grande Ave., Gunnison, CO 81230; 970-641-2304.  Questions may be directed to John DeVore, Airport Manager or Kathie Lucas Administrative Director.
Gunnison County has developed a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Concession Plan in accordance with regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation, 49 CFR Part 23, Subpart F; a copy of the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Concession Plan is available upon request.  Gunnison County seeks to obtain Disadvantaged Business Enterprise participation in all types of concession activities at the Gunnison County Airport.
Deadline for submittals shall be September 25, 2009 at 12:00 noon, at the Airport Administration Office.
As owner and operator of the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport, Gunnison County reserves the right to reject any and all bids.       
Katherine L. Lucas
Administrative Director
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issues of August 28 and September 4, 2009. #082806



1.    Invitation.  Bids will be received by the Skyland Metropolitan District (“District”) for the Skyland Slate River Bridge until 1:30 p.m. MDT on September 2, 2009 at the following address:
    Skyland Metropolitan District
Attn: Michael Billingsley, District Manager
350 Country Club Drive, Suite 112A
Crested Butte, Colorado 81224
(970) 349-7411
2.    General Statement of Work.  Supplier shall deliver a pre-fabricated pedestrian/bicycle bridge ready for placement at the site.  The project does not include the construction of abutments or the installation of the pre-fabricated bridge.
Bridge Construction Specifications.  The pre-fabricated bridge shall meet AASHTO Pedestrian Bridge specifications and include the following elements:
    a. 588 Weathering Steel
    b. Concrete deck
    c. Pratt truss style, with horizontal rails
    d. ADA compliance, with a maximum 2% camber
    e. 14.0 foot wide deck
    f. 85 feet in length from center bearing to center bearing
    g. Concentrated load of 14,000 lbs
    h. Snow load of 100 lbs/sf
4.    Submission of Bids.   The Supplier shall provide a bid with the following information:
    a. Supplier’s price to deliver the pre-fabricated bridge ready for placement at the site, exclusive of any Federal or State taxes from which the District is exempt by law;
    b. The Supplier’s terms of sale in a form acceptable to the District;
    c. Warranty, at a minimum typical to industry standards for pre-fabricated bridges of the type being supplied, in the Supplier’s Agreement in a form acceptable to the District;
    d. Drawings and specifications of the pre-fabricated bridge being purchased;
    e. Schedule for delivery of the pre-fabricated bridge;
    f. Delivery shall be F.O.B. destination, freight pre-paid by the Supplier and the Supplier shall bear all risk of loss until the bridge has been delivered to the site and made ready for placement; and
    g. Bids will be opened at 1:30 p.m. MDT on September 2, 2009 and the bidders will be notified on or after September 7, 2009 as to the award of the contract.
5.    Withdrawal of Bids.  Bids will be received as set forth herein. No bid may be withdrawn within a period of forty-five (45) days after the date fixed for opening bids.
6.    Reservation and Award.  The District reserves the right to cancel this Invitation to Bid.  The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids.  The District will accept the bid that, in its estimation, represents the best value to the District.
Skyland Metropolitan District
By Michael Billingsley, District Manager
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of August 28, 2009. #082807

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