Briefs Crested Butte

Sales tax decline continues
The second largest sales tax month for Crested Butte took a 13 percent hit this past summer. August collections were down from $274,417 collected in August 2008 to $238,799 collected in 2009. With events like the Crested Butte Arts Festival, August has always been a big month for town revenues.



For the year, town sales tax is off about 10 percent. With total collections thus far of $1,349,555, the year-to-date shortfall is $144,166.
“As we head into the budgeting time, it’s not good to see,” said town Finance Director Lois Rozman. “We are fortunate that we have built up good reserve funds and hopefully we’ll see a turn-around in the economy soon.”

Get your rebates
The town is instituting a program to send residents $10 rebates for carbon monoxide detectors. In June the council passed an ordinance requiring carbon monoxide detectors in a variety of buildings in town. It was an effort to supplement a state law on the issue. The council wanted a mechanism for providing discounts to residents to offset some of the cost of the new requirement.
Town Manager Susan Parker recently negotiated a contract with Atmos Energy for $500 to allow them to put an antenna on the fire hall. That money will be set aside for $10 rebates. Thirty-five coupons will be printed to be used at True Value Hardware in Crested Butte. The program will run from November 1 through December 31 of each year.

Council supports ballot issues
The council passed resolutions in support of county issues 1A and 5A. 1A is called the Energy Smart Loan Program and would allow the county to lend money for sustainable and energy efficient home improvements over a long amortization period. 5A would reauthorize the Local Marketing District tax passed in 2002. The 4 percent lodging tax is earmarked for promoting and advertising the county.

Other business
—The council agreed that the staff should begin clarifying the rules governing East River Valley Area-wide 201 facilities plan. The plan deals with the town accepting wastewater from entities outside of town boundaries.
—Council met with the school board prior to the Monday meeting and toured the Tommy V baseball field. The field project should be completed by the end of the month.
—After a presentation by the Office for Resource Efficiency, the council authorized a budgeted $5,000 payment to the organization. ORE representatives Alison Gannett and Maya Silver outlined a variety of ORE’s accomplishments to the town over the last year. The council said it was pleased with ORE but recommended the organization get together with councilman Reed Betz to better outline town goals.

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