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I wanted to write you for some help regarding something that may go unnoticed if not for the support of the avid movie lover.



The Oscars are the top, cream of the crop, awards for work done in the motion picture industry. Awards are given for everything from Costume Design to Sound Design, from Acting to Directing. The nominations for this honorable accolade are usually reserved for big budget, oft discussed and typically high profile films directed by the big names in the industry. Last year’s Best Actor in a Leading Role category contained marquee names including: Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn, and Brad Pitt, along with Richard Jenkins, and Frank Lengella. These movies were directed by the likes of Ron Howard, Darren Aronofsky, Gus Van Sant, and David Fincher. These films not only draw your attention to the stars within, but also contain budgets to push for Oscar contention. How many commercials did you see for Benjamin Button last year? How many did you see for it when it became an Oscar nominated film?

Rarely do you see a low-budget, independent film receive the just kudos that it deserves. As a matter of fact, last year was a total shocker as a film originally slated to go direct-to-DVD, Slumdog Millionaire, managed to storm the Oscars by force and change people’s perceptions of what makes a Best Film. It did help that the director, Danny Boyle, had some other recognizable works under his belt: Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, The Beach, and Millions. This kind of resume doesn’t hurt your chances, but the win did shake the foundation of the Academy Awards.

Moon, released this summer, is an absolutely stunning independent Sci-Fi film from first-time British Director Duncan Jones. The film managed to pay homage to a litany of Science Fiction classics while firmly cementing itself in the genre as well. A movie mired in various undertones and interpreted in a variety of directions, Moon has catapulted its director, Jones, into the industry as a filmmaking force to be reckoned with. Those who saw the film know that the keystone in this stunning project was actor Sam Rockwell.

Anybody familiar with the works of Sam Rockwell will know that the man delivers absolutely stunning performances. Frequently overlooked for work as the principal lead, Sam manages to steal nearly every scene he is in. From the humor in Galaxy Quest and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to the exceptional work in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, The Green Mile, Choke, and Matchstick Men, Rockwell consistently delivers an entertaining yet commanding performance. The few who have seen Snow Angels or The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford know exactly what I am talking about.

In Moon, Rockwell is a one man show. Playing a breathtaking range of emotion from young to old, content to angry, happy to sad, Rockwell is giving a performance to rival that of Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler or Sean Penn in Milk. The missing link is the budget for a marketing campaign to spread word of this top notch performance in a superbly constructed film.

Reaching out to his fans on the internet Duncan Jones asked for a call to arms:

“Ladies & Gentlemen of the net. Web sites, fanzines, anyone who loves Sam Rockwell. I need your help… Sam Rockwell is amazing in Moon… I think anyone who sees the film would agree with that. But due to out limited budget….. we are unable to run a “campaign” to get him a nomination for best actor. If anyone is willing to help create a buzz for Sam… I see all these PR machine driven media blitzes for things like Paranormal Activity & the like, & I just would love us to get one real…netizen led drive to get Sam Rockwell a nomination for an Oscar. Please help. Please spread the word. Please let the Academy voters hear.”

Only grassroots championing for both Rockwell and the film as a whole will bring about the recognition that this work deserves. Therefore I challenge you to not only sign your name to the noble petition for Sam, but to take an active role in solidifying the support that this film needs. E-mail friends and family, link to the petition on your Twitter and Facebook, write about it on your blog, get the word out and help Rockwell receive the credit that he so rightly deserves!

Be part on a unique experience and help nominate a man at the top of his game. The petition can be found online at

Thanks for your time and support of a mastered craft.


A son of Crested Butte,

Ryan Boulding

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