Boddington steps on to podium in North Face Masters event

“I want that sword”

Local snowboarder Mary Boddington continued her rise through the competitive big mountain snowboarding ranks with a third-place finish at the North Face Masters event held at Crystal Mountain, Washington February 9-12.
Boddington opened her career with a second-place finish last year at the event held in Crested Butte, earning herself a paycheck as well as a silver platter.
She returned to the tour this season, kicking of the 2010 North Face Masters series taking fourth place at the first stop of the tour in Snowbird last month, but earned the second silver platter of her career with the third-place finish in Washington.
“I’m going to start having dinner parties,” quips Boddington.
Boddington found herself right at home on the opening day of the competition in an area called Northway. Northway offers a variety of steep lines to choose from that were rife with rocks.
“It was perfect for me but that’s just like Crested Butte,” says Boddington. “That definitely gave me an advantage.”
Boddington rode to a second-place finish on day one but the comfort level quickly disappeared for her as she stepped to the top of the venue on the final day.
After a weather day, riders were sent to Silver King for the finals. On top, they were met with brutal winds. Furthermore, the weather prevented Boddington from an inspection run, leaving her to her own devices to find her way out of the wind and down the steep face.
“It was definitely extreme to the fullest,” explains Boddington. “It was intense. I felt like I was turning a page in my snowboarding, testing myself mentally and physically to the max.”
Boddington followed the one “show line” she was most familiar with and rode through to a third-place finish overall.
Having ticked off a second place and third-place finish now, Boddington has her eyes on the top spot and the trophy that comes with it, a ninja sword.
“I want that sword,” says Boddington.
She will get her shot at the third stop of the North Face Masters tour in Kirkwood, California February 25-27.

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