Sheriff’s stories

03/25/10, Officers received an environmental health concern petition concerning a residence within Somerset. The investigation revealed that an elderly at-risk woman was living in a potentially health-risk house; the investigation continues.



03/29/10, Officers received a report concerning possible telephone harassment at a residence near Antelope Hills. Investigations revealed that there was not probable cause to consider the calls harassing.
03/30/10, Officers assisted the Gunnison Police Department with an unruly DUI arrestee. The 32-year-old Crested Butte male caused problems throughout the night in the jail as well.
Officers arrested a 26-year-old Crested Butte female on a Gunnison County failure to appear warrant bearing a $2,500 bond. The arrest was made in Crested Butte and went without incident.
Officers received a report of a non-injury accident near the Industrial Park–East Highway 50. The investigation revealed that an 18-wheeler turned too sharply and ran over a telephone junction box. There was no damage to the truck.
Officers and EMS responded to an address near Silver Sage Drive regarding an elderly male who was not feeling well.
Officers received a call concerning a “suspicious circumstance” near Yucca Court. Nothing suspicious was found.
03/31/10, Officers received a report of telephone harassment and possible bail bond violation. The officers responded to a motel west of Gunnison to investigate. Subsequent to the investigation, Officers arrested a 55-year-old Highlands Ranch, Colo. male on the charges of domestic violence, harassment, bail bond violation and protection order violation. The individual was unruly throughout the process. This same subject was arrested on March 24 at the bus stop within Almont. He had just gotten out of jail on March 31.
Officers were dispatched to an address near Fairway Lane concerning a possible domestic violence situation. Investigations revealed that although an argument had taken place, no laws had been broken.
04/01/10, At approximately 12:45 a.m., officers were dispatched to a possible domestic dispute at an address near County Road 51. Investigations revealed that no laws were broken and the male counterpart decided to leave the residence.
Officers and EMS responded to an address near Apache Road regarding an 87-year-old person with medical issues.
Officers responded to an address near Shavano Drive regarding a loud dog complaint. A warning was extended and no further involvements took place.
Officers received information that person(s) unknown once again tampered with a vehicle that was parked near County Road 13.
Officers were dispatched to a dog-problem issue near Shavano Drive. A warning was extended.
04/02/10, Officers arrested an 18-year-old Colorado Springs male on a parole violation. The arrest took place at the Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office when the subject turned himself over to authorities.
Officers arrested a 29-year-old Gunnison woman on a $1,000 Montrose warrant and a $300 Gunnison County Warrant. The subject was arrested at the Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office as she turned herself over to authorities.
Officers assisted the Colorado State Patrol with several accidents around the county—County Road 17, Monarch Pass and Highway 114.
04/03/10, Officers assisted the Gunnison Police Department with a telephone harassment investigation.
Officers assisted the Mt. Crested Butte Police Department with an emergency alcohol-related commitment to the Gunnison Valley Hospital.
Officers arrested 25-year-old Gunnison woman for driving a vehicle while her license is under restraint, displaying fictitious plates on the vehicle, and displaying expired registration for the same vehicle. Bond was set at $500.
04/04/10, Officers were called to an address west of Gunnison regarding a civil situation concerning an estate.

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