Drug free ski pass program to be tested at CBMR

“The Choice Pass” is an incentive for kids to lead healthy, drug free lives.
The Gunnison County Substance Abuse Prevention Project (GCSAPP) and Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) announced their new partnership to promote a healthy, drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle for youth in the Gunnison Valley.



All ninth grade students in the valley are invited to participate in this year’s pilot program, The Choice Pass, with hopes of growing the offering to more students in future years.
For $99, students will receive a winter season pass to CBMR; the Choice Pass program will include access to two free half-day ski lessons and social activities, including guest speakers, educational opportunities, safety awareness, movie nights and fun races to further engage students and create a community around the program. The program is designed as an opportunity for students to make better decisions and create meaningful change around unhealthy and unsafe behavior.
“The original ‘Drug Free Ski Pass’ program that was in operation for roughly a decade was widely utilized by students throughout the Valley.” explain Brooke Harless, director of GCSAPP. “Since its discontinuation seven years ago, we’ve received an abundance of feedback from parents, school staff and students saying they would like to see the program in operation again, as it helped mitigate our above average youth substance abuse rates through an avenue that would reach a large student population. CBMR has been overwhelmingly supportive of the new program and we look forward to the working together to promote the health of youth in our community.”
Basics of the program include:
Student Participation—This is a voluntary program that places expectations on both the student participant and his or her parents. Interested students and their parents must attend the initial program orientation and guest speaker (Gunnison, November 7; Crested Butte, November 9) at which participants will receive a clear understanding of program basics and expectations; sign an oath pledging to remain drug free; take the ‘kickoff drug test;’ take a pre-program survey assessing drug and alcohol use and attitudes; sign any additional CBMR and GCSAPP liability waivers; and receive the Choice Ski Pass.
Cost—A $99 administrative fee is required to cover incurred costs of the program and specific on-mountain activities, as well as to create a higher level of commitment from the participant.
Drug Testing—In addition to the pre-season drug test, participants will be subject to random drug tests throughout the season. Drug tests will be administered at students’ respective schools. Failure to pass drug testing will result in forfeiture of their pass with the option to receive education and counseling to regain the pass, with students responsible for additional costs.
Ongoing Events/Activities—Participants will be provided with ongoing activities and educational programming exclusive to the program. Participants are required to attend at least two season activities.
Participant Ski Equipment—Dependent on need, program participants can qualify for discounted season rental of gear and items necessary to skiing and snowboarding provided by several local ski and snowboard retailers.
Liability/Waivers—Participants will be required to sign liability release forms for Gunnison County and CBMR, as well as agreeing to release any records from Juvenile Services related to substance abuse infractions occurring during the program.
For those who have already purchased CBMR passes and would like to be a part of this program, refunds and pass transfers will be taking place at the kick-off events in Gunnison and Crested Butte. CBMR will have staff onsite to handle all requests.

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