David Owen’s Full Meet the Candidates Answer

David Owen

Q: Share with the community some thoughts on how to deal with potential major projects near but not inside town boundaries. Two examples might be a theoretical mine development or an on-mountain ski area expansion.  
The Town does have some say in what happens in our backyard.  For one, we have an Area Plan, mandated by the State, which is what we as a community want to see occur within 3 miles of town limits.  I would use the Area Plan as the framework for what development near but not inside Town should look like.  The Town also has a Watershed Ordinance which gives us regulatory authority in the Town’s watershed in order to protect our drinking water.  A mine on Red Lady would be located in our watershed, and it would have to take significant steps in order to meet the requirements of the watershed ordinance.  These are tools that the Town has available to deal with large projects.  
The County has an important tool as well:  The Special Development Project Regulations, created during my tenure on the County’s Planning Commission.  The SDPRs are designed specifically for these types of projects.  Since the County has jurisdiction, working closely with the County will be important in getting Crested Butte’s concerns addressed with any major project north of Round Mountain.  My experience at the County level, my familiarity with County processes and working relationships with County decision makers will be useful if I am on the Town Council and one of these projects comes up.  And, as always, I will treat all parties with respect, I will listen to my constituents, I will listen to the advice of Town staff, and I will make decisions balancing protection of our environment and the promotion of our economy.  

(ADDITIONAL FOR WEBSITE):   I really mean it when I say that I will listen to my constituents.  This is why I have knocked on over 500 doors in the past month, talking to so many of you about your concerns.  I am confident that my extensive experience and long history of community service makes me the best candidate and that my friends and neighbors know it.  I have knocked on doors all over town because I wanted to introduce myself to those of you I did not know before, and I wanted to let everyone know that I want to hear what you have to say about Town policies and government.  If you elect me to the council, I want you to contact me often with your thoughts and concerns.  I am your representative, and I want to take your points of view into the council chambers.  You can always email me at daveincb@yahoo.com or call 349-1052.

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