Things to like in the middle of March

We are in the middle of March Madness. Not only the basketball tournament but also the boom before the end of a fizzled ski season. Phoenix Bowl will be untouched this year, Banana ended up on Twister, people are talking Hartman Rocks instead of backcountry corn skiing bliss. People seem a little on edge to say the least, so why not take this week and find the ‘P’ by breathing in the summer temps and super clean (and dry) Crested Butte streets.

—It will hit 50 degrees this week in Crested Butte. That just doesn’t seem right but it sure makes for some nice afternoons during what is hopefully a busy spring break period. There’s not much better for those vacationing here than playing in soft snow under sunny skies and being able to sit outside and have a drink when the lifts shut down. Enjoy these days. It is busier and nicer and won’t last forever. Make hay while the sun shines and Lord knows, the sun is shining.

—Love the bumper sticker that reads; “Obama is not a foreign born, brown skinned, anti-war socialist that gives away healthcare. You’re Thinking of Jesus.”

—Love the overwhelming support for Cash Lamar and his family in Crested Butte. Eight-year-old Cash is still in a Denver hospital and he has united a community in caring. He appears to be making progress from a freak infection and we can only continue to send good energy, love and healing thoughts to him, Craig, Roxana and Paloma. Saw the family in Denver last weekend and they have a great attitude in a tough situation.

—The renewed focus on the local airline program and what it means to the valley as a whole and how to adjust to a quickly changing situation is a good discussion. Most people seem to agree that increasing demand is the priority and I believe that is definitely where we should be heading. Making decisions so people will want to not just come here once, but to come back here. And that will take some dramatic out-of-the-box ideas from everyone, including the ski area, the local politicians and our workforce. Staying on the same treadmill is not a valid plan.

—There are some real March madness issues out there. I mean CBMR is adjusting the family ski pass, offering in their season pass program and that is a backdoor way to bump up some passes (mine included) by 20 percent. I’m not a fan of that move but they are throwing out an early season price and that’s a good effort. The Town Council of Crested Butte held a quick and dirty special meeting last week to address one aspect of the affordable housing discussion. That appears to be a discussion without end. I like what they are doing with the proposed amendment but am not a fan of how it was done. In the big picture, it’s not a big deal but overall, I wish this council could figure out some conclusion to the affordable housing debate. We can get into the mucky details of such issues when the week is less glorious. So back to those things we like…

—Watching Mitt Romney try to go all southern Alabama and talk with y’all and mention his love for grits is more than entertaining. What a funny play this primary is turning out to be … especially for Democrats.

—The 81-year-old evangelist Pat Robertson saying marijuana should be legalized. He’s right when he says America’s war on drugs is a colossal waste of time, energy and money. He expressed valid concern that California spent more on its prisons than on its schools and Americans lock up more people than any country in the world. And a bunch of them are behind bars for some weed offense. That is just plain crazy and I agree.

—Peyton Manning? In Denver?

—And finally a big personal appreciation to you. All of you who live or visit here help shape this place … and it is a pretty good place, especially to raise kids. My first son was born here and he turns 18 this week. He was in essence brought up by a great, loving and aware community. Ben is a pretty wonderful young man, as are his friends who also grew up here. And they are a product of this mountain village. So thank you to the people who choose to live and visit and contribute to this community. Each of you, whether you know it or not, have impacted and helped shape another good generation. And on this sunny day in March, I am grateful.

Enjoy your spring!

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