It’s playoff time for Crested Butte town rec league softball

Go time

I would be remiss to not make a rec league playoff prediction, so here it goes.
To be perfectly honest, everyone has a shot at the title, except maybe the Hares. Question is, can KBUT shake the postseason curse that has plagued them all of these years and bring a title to the local radio station? What a boon that could be to their current pledge drive going on.
In fact, the Sports Barrel will pledge $100 to KBUT if they win the rec league title.
The Rasta Hairnets are always a threat, having racked up back-to-back rec league titles, and are coming into the postseason as the top seed. BUT, the top seeded team from the regular season hasn’t won a rec league title in recent history.
The Whetstoners, if they can keep their wits about them, are a force to be reckoned with, closing the regular season in third place. A rolling stone gathers no moss and if they can get on a roll early, they should make a showing in the finals.
Then there’s the Avalanche, formerly Earth Station Radio, formerly Couch Petitos and soon to be the next Gray Hares. Cagey experience fortified with a youth movement, the Avalanche can play the spoiler though I think a title is out of the question.
The Eldo experienced a mercurial rookie season in the local softball league. While they racked up the most runs of any team averaging more than 16 runs per game, they also gave up the second-most runs of any team, second to the Hares, and while that is a recipe for excitement, it’s no recipe for success come playoff time.
The Talk of the Town rec league team also falls under the category of playoff spoiler but not title contender. Which, in the grand scheme of the Talk franchise, is okay as the players on their rec league team can use the opportunity to gain key experience as they looked to get called up to the comp league squad for the 2013 season.
The Meatsticks—ahhhh, the Meatsticks. Just like Australia in the Olympics is a small country with a big heart, the Meatsticks are a young team with a lot of heart. I would not want to cross paths with them in the postseason, especially in the losers bracket, where a loss means elimination. I’ve seen the Meatsticks shine, and I’ve seen them lose to the Hares. If they do get on a roll, they can do some serious damage before ultimately falling short of a title shot.
And last but not least, the Hares. The Hares are the Hares and are not much of a threat but they bring a big ol’ bag of peanuts to every game. Consistency, and field choice, is key to Hares’ success but I think they hit their peak two weeks ago with their first and only win of the season.
My prediction? I have no idea but one thing is for sure, the playoffs are the best chance to see some of the best, and worst, in local athleticism and a great way to wind down a summer day at any one of the spectacular local ball fields.
Rec league playoffs start on Thursday, August 2 and will continue every Tuesday and Thursday until a champion is crowned on Thursday, August 16 at Gothic Field.

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