School District to benefit from trainers

Alpine Orthopaedics, Physiotherapy Associates
to offer sports training for young athletes

Gunnison County School District’s athletes now have access to specialized athletic training as Gloria Beim, MD of Alpine Orthopaedics and Tim Poppe, clinic director of Physiotherapy Associates, team to offer preventive and on-site care for students at no charge.
Their donated services are filling a vast void in the district to ensure youth athletes’ fitness and performance are not compromised. The district lacks funds to support an athletic trainer as part of its sports program, leaving students without resources to assess injuries, get treatment or access follow-up consultation. This care can also help them return to play.
“The program is essential for our student athletes because we’re seeing a number of overuse injuries,” Beim said. “Students need better pre-season conditioning, strengthening and stretching. This program will teach them great training techniques and how to prevent injuries.”
The added resource of athletic trainers will enhance student performance, as these young athletes will increase their strength, balance and conditioning.
“They will be able to stay healthier; giving them a chance to perform at a higher level,” Beim said.
Local athletic trainer Kayla Squires will be on-site during practices and competitions to work with the student athletes as well.
Beim and Poppe established the program after treating a number of injuries among students. Many injuries to knees, hamstrings, ankles, shoulders and other susceptible areas could be prevented with appropriate warm-ups, stretching and strengthening.
“With proper strength and flexibility, athletes at all levels are less likely to get injured and perform at a higher level,” said Poppe. “We want our student athletes to have the same access to care as other school districts. Most school districts in Colorado have athletic trainers.”
The partnership combines Beim’s orthopedic expertise with physical therapy and athletic training to provide the best care and prevention possible.
“We’re helping more than the students,” said Poppe. “We help coaches incorporate preventive care programs, like specialized warm ups, stretching exercises and strength conditioning, into their practices.”
Recently, Beim was named Team USA’s chief medical officer for the Sochi Olympic Games in February 2014. She will work closely with the U.S. Olympic Committee’s director of sports medicine to coordinate all medical care for team athletes. Beim also provided medical care at the 2012 and 2004 Olympic Games, as well as at a number of other high-level competitions, including two World University Games. Additionally, she was chief medical officer for the 2011 Pan-Am Games.
A well-respected physician, Beim has practiced orthopedic medicine since receiving her doctor of medicine from the University of California at San Diego’s School of Medicine in 1990. She also completed a sports medicine fellowship through the department of orthopedic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. She has been published in numerous professional journals and textbooks, and is the author of The Female Athlete’s Body Book, available on Amazon.

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