photo by Lydia Stern

Amusing (to me) stuff

It is busy and finally feels like Spring Break. Out-of-towners are speeding through town because apparently they can’t imagine their vehicle going 15 mph. Unless they are on the highway, then they go 10 mph to take in the views. Downtown is busy and seems busier as those speeding vehicles stop in the middle of Elk to let out the wives and kids as the rest of the once speeding cars line up behind them. There are some actual lines at the ski lifts that are scoffed at by people who are used to skiing at almost any other resort. And the age range of people seen coming out of the dispensaries ranges pretty much from 21 to 81. It should be this way for a few more weekends.

Other things this time of year that bring a smile to my face:

—We were on course for a normal snow year. Then it got warm—like 50 degrees warm in the middle of winter. And the snow started melting. And even this last Tuesday when Aspen got 10 inches of powder and we got three, ours was melting by noon. That can only mean we will achieve our yearly average but possibly not until April and May. That brings a crooked smile of worry to my face. It can be a tricky time and I agree with billy barr that it might be safer to eat with chopsticks when we get the five-day storm in May. If you’ve ever experienced that type of week, you know what he’s talking about.

photo by Lydia Stern
photo by Lydia Stern

—It is often funny when members of an elected board (any elected board) think that just because they are in favor of doing something, it is obvious that everyone will be in favor of that something. Plastic bag bans, VRBO regulations, OVPP meetings, speeding tickets, and round-abouts all come to mind. The world is more grey than black and white and those with pure beliefs can be amusing. They just can be.

—I smile when I see people bitching on Facebook about people bitching on Facebook.

—People believing that Charles Manson endorsed Donald Trump for president. Not that he wouldn’t, but he didn’t.

—Donald Trump, who brings uneasy laughter. Ted Cruz who brings no sign of mirth or laughter or joy.

—Costumes at the Al Johnson, especially the politically incorrect costumes. Costumes at Soul Train night. The Royal Flauschink costumes popping up everywhere.

—My email spam that ranges from pitches for walk-in bathtubs, private jet deals, or mental health tips, to natural arthritis and acid reflux cures and pleas for money to help Ted Cruz. Ha. See above. And what is the Internet trying to tell me in its profile of me?

—My super-partisan political friends who just can’t help themselves. See earlier reference to “grey” above.

—It’s not amusing to see the young, hard working service workers burn out about now and give up shifts—and then face the reality of the last week of the ski season when the tourists are gone and the harsh realization that next wave doesn’t start swelling until about late June. I’ve been there. I was laughing early but not after the fifth straight night of Ramen.

—We got another surprise of several inches Wednesday. The early morning turns made me smile.

An update: The fine folks at The Guild Arts Collective, headed by Heather Bischoff, have stepped up to display the provocative art created by the AP art students at the Crested Butte Community School. Some of the art was not age-appropriate and given the sharing of the building with students between kindergarten age and seniors in high school, school administrators chose to not display the art in the school hallways. Understandable. But art can make people think and now there is a place to view the pieces in Crested Butte. An opening reception is being held at The Guild on Sunday, March 20 at 4 o’clock. Thank you.

—Mark Reaman

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