Reaman responds to being called a TURD

Reaman suffering from TURD behavior?

Dear Editor:

Your editorial dated January 27… Where was your moral outrage over Obama’s “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”?

It appears that you’re suffering from “Trump Unacceptance and Resistance Disorder” (TURD), a pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior first observed in the late hours of November 8, 2016 and increasing in severity with the passage of time. Sufferers of TURD often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, rioting and uncontrollable crying.

People with TURD are characterized by a persistent unwillingness to accept that Donald Trump is going to “Make America Great Again.” His election was a shocking and unexpected outcome because their news sources apparently failed to inform them that the alternative candidate was: a conveyor of secret government information to many unauthorized recipients, took money from foreign governments in exchange for favors, lied to the American public about the Benghazi attack, and ran a phony “foundation” where less than 4 percent of the donations to the “foundation” went to valid beneficiaries.

It is fervently hoped that you will seek treatment and begin the process of accepting reality.


Fred Buxton, a “deplorable” “zombie”


Dear Fred:

Thanks for writing. You might be a relatively new reader. I have a tendency to question those in government, no matter the political party. A quick search of the paper’s archives indicates several critiques of former president Obama in my editorials touching on a variety of issues, including Obamacare, his reliance on drones to kill people, and the TPP.

One excerpted example from one of my editorial’s during his first term: Instead of focusing on issues people are really worried about… honest jobs, a solid future, a real middle class… [Obama] appears focused on a morphing health care plan that is taking all kinds of concessions (bribes?) to get through a Congress controlled by the same party as the president. On top of it all, expanding questionable wars, dismissing Arabic-speaking officers in the military because they are gay, appointing Timothy Geithner, head of the New York Federal Reserve during the entire financial melt-down, as Secretary of the Treasury, bailing out antiquated, arrogant auto companies and saving overpaid, arrogant bankers on Wall Street is not exactly in the spirit of hope and change. Where’s my bailout?

Any regular reader would know I regularly voiced concerns about Hillary and her neocon tendencies during the campaign as well.

Your letter, like other criticism I received on that editorial, does not challenge the facts I included about Trump’s propensity to lie about big things and small. Nor do you dispute my conclusion that Trump’s pattern of premeditated and indiscriminate lying appears an attempt to brainwash the general public into thinking there can be no trust whatsoever in our leaders and thus turn what was once an educated and engaged public into a herd of zombies that blindly accepts whatever their daddy tells them. If Daddy Donald says the sky is red and a red sky will make America great again—then it is and it will. It is a method to frame an alternative reality—based on something called “alternative facts.” That is, in my opinion,  zombie DOLT (Dumb Obedient Lobotomized Trumpfan) thinking. And that is a danger to not only this country but to you and to me and to all of us as individuals.

I don’t know if you are part of that alternative reality or not. Since you didn’t dispute the facts in my editorial, I assume you too understand he is a casual liar and that seems an attack on general trustworthiness… but perhaps you are not bothered by it as much as me. Part of my job at this little paper is to question such “facts.” I will continue to do so. Thanks again for reading and writing.

Mark Reaman

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