CB Nordic season passes go on sale on September 1, new perks

This year, free rentals included with the purchase of a season pass

by Christie Hicks

What? Free rentals with a pass?

Here at Crested Butte Nordic, we believe that everyone should get outside all winter long. We understand that you already probably have a whole quiver of skis for powder days, park days, rocky days, for your long tours and your short tours. You may not need another pair of skis and boots and poles taking up space in the closet for a new sport (for now…). We also know that there is no better exercise or cross-training than Nordic skiing. We’d like to help you get there this winter. So we’re offering free rentals all season long with the purchase of your season pass this year.

So, I get to keep a pair of your skis for the whole winter?

Not quite. Rentals are for one day at a time (pick-up and drop-off on the same day) and we will have some blackout days around the holidays (see the fine print for all the details). Free rentals are limited, and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

So, are these your old crappy skis or something?

Nope—season pass holders can borrow any of our skis, one day at a time, at no cost for the whole season: classic skis, skate skis, skin skis, etc. We will limit the number of season rentals that go out each day, and there will be blackout days around the holidays, but other than that, you can try out any of our skis and boots when we’re open and they’re available. Over the next two years we are updating all of our skis to brand new Fischer skis and you will be able to borrow those as soon as they are here.

What if I keep them for more than a day?

Then we’ll charge you the Full Day Rate for each day they’re late. We’ll also charge you for any damage or dirt you leave on the skis. Thank you for treating our equipment like it’s your own (or better, for you dirt bags who don’t really take care of your own gear).

Why are you doing this?

We want you to buy a season pass. (Come on—we’re not totally crazy. There’s something in it for us, too.) We want you to experience the wonder of our Magic Meadows, Mike’s Mile, the Bench, the rollers, and all of our other groomed trails. We think you are going to love it.

The new executive director wanted to learn to skate ski when she moved to Crested Butte , but she didn’t want to drop another few hundred bucks on a set-up she didn’t even know how to use. She doesn’t want you to have that experience, either. She wants you to learn to skate ski this winter, too. She’s also making us do more free Learn to Skate Clinics.

We want you to buy a season pass every year—we groom 55 kilometers of ski trails around town, and they are glorious. Even the most die-hard resort or backcountry skier (or cross-fitter or yogi or dancer or couch potato…) can get some exercise when there’s been high pressure for weeks. Everyone needs a little cross-training. Skate skiing, especially, strengthens the outer hip muscles that are chronically overlooked by almost every athlete in this valley. Yes, we’re looking at you, Quad-zilla.

Are you going to do this every year?

Not sure—we’re going to see how it goes. Hopefully it will be a blooming success, and we can continue this program indefinitely. In any case, we hope that this experience will lead you to the purchase of your own (new or used) equipment in a year or two. Then you won’t have to stand in line at our rental counter every time you want to go blast out a couple laps on the bench. You can just put on your own skis and go.

What about Fat Bikes?

We love them, too. And we are going to keep working with Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association to make sure all you fat bikers are all fat and happy out there. But we don’t rent fat bikes, because they take up a lot of space and there are plenty of bike shops around here that do that. Fat bike passes are free, and it’s free to fat bike on our fat bike-designated trails.

What else do you do that’s free?

Kids ski for free. Learn to Skate Clinics are free. Town Ranch is free. The Rec Path is free. The Riverbend Connector is free.

What do you mean, kids ski for free?

Anyone 17 or under skis for free. Rentals are free. Passes are free. It’s all free for kids.

Is this a trick?

Yes. We already told you—we’re trying to trick you into buying a season pass this year. But we want you to learn how to ski and enjoy our groomed trails. And we want you to get some exercise outside this winter. We want to get you hooked.

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