Modular classrooms coming to Crested Butte Community School

Expected to be in use for Fall 2019

By Katherine Nettles

The RE1J Gunnison Watershed School District (GWSD) is looking at one set of modular classrooms for the Crested Butte Community School within the secondary school, to be used beginning in the fall of 2019.

RTA architects have developed a site plan with four possible locations, according to GWSD superintendant Leslie Nichols. “The need appears to be at the secondary end of the school, as far as numbers go,” said Nichols.

All four locations being considered are on the secondary end, and include two spots behind the library, one at the front of the building on the blacktop where the basketball courts are, and one where the Mountain Roots garden is located.

The modular unit itself, which will hold two classrooms, has to have electricity, and then the mass communication system will be hooked up as well. Board member Tyler Martineau said one thing to note was that in the past, the modulars used before the CBCS expansion had ventilation issues. “We had to go back in and retrofit them,” he said. School board president LeAnn Mick said ventilation had been an issue with the modulars used in Gunnison schools as well.

Holly Kahn, executive director of Mountain Roots, spoke to the school board advocating that the Mountain Roots garden and programs remain intact as the school looks at expansion, both in the near term and as it implements the facilities master plan. Kahn described the impact that the “classroom” has had since it began the “farm to school program” in 2010.

Kahn described the tenth grade biology class, the “bio buddies” seed-saving efforts and the environmental education the garden provides. “Last year, we produced 402 pounds of fresh produce, and the cafeteria staff wants more,” Kahn said.

“Our space is an on-campus venue and an … outdoor learning laboratory. In a world where it is increasingly challenging to get students interested … experiential education is helpful,” Kahn stressed.

Kahn included five letters from students, four from teachers, and many more from community members. “As you consider expansion and redesign, please consider a generous space, equal to or greater than what you have now,” said Kahn.

Fullmer said she would also advocate that they maintain ample space for the Mountain Roots garden.

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