Roof slides in area claim one life and threaten others

by Mark Reaman

What are being called urban avalanches have led to a one close call and one death in the area this weekend. The investigations are still underway and details are not yet being released but the Crested Butte Fire Protection District has responded to three such incidents in the last several days, two in the last 48 hours.

According to CBFPD Operations Chief Robert Weisbaum, there were two major incidents this weekend. Emergency personnel responded Friday in Mt. Crested Butte to a situation where there was what he called a “prolonged burial” of an individual caught in a roof slide. The man was apparently buried beneath snow for more than two hours. “We were very fortunate to find him and begin resuscitative efforts which have proven to be successful. He is recovering well.”

On Saturday, emergency responders received a report of a roof slide in which 2 people were buried. According to Weisbaum, “The first person was not completely buried and successfully rescued and transported to Gunnison Valley Hospital for precaution and treatment. Unfortunately the other individual was completely buried. Resuscitative efforts were given and the patient was transported to the hospital. Unfortunately the burial ended up claiming this life.”

The CB News will provide further details as they become available. Our condolences and sympathies go out to everyone involved in these tragic circumstances.

Weisbaum wants to emphasize that because of this recent snowfall and the density of it, the CBFPD wants to spread the word on this major public safety concern.

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