Slate River Road to observe weight limit until mid-May to protect road

Commissioners vote to begin limits this week

By Cayla Vidmar

To preserve the Slate River Road from damage and resulting repairs, Gunnison County commissioners approved a motion on Tuesday, March 19 to set a 15-ton weight limit on the road between March 27, 2019 and May 15, 2019.

“We rebuilt the road about six years ago, and redid drainage work on it. There were some soft spots that came up last year, and we think it’s due to the heavy trash truck and propane trucks going up that road,” said Sparky Casebolt, county operations manager.

Deputy county manager Marlene Crosby said her department had contacted the trash and propane service providers for that area to let them know the decision could be forthcoming. Crosby said the measure means the trash service would have to use the road when they had empty trucks, likely rerouting the neighborhood to be one of the first stops, as opposed to the last.

The same would go for propane service, said Crosby, or propane refills could be timed to avoid the less than two months of weight restrictions. The homeowners in the area were also informed so they could plan propane service and be prepared for a new trash pickup time.

“We’d just like to limit the weight on that road to limit repairs on that road in the spring,” concluded Casebolt.

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