Cottonwood Pass not completely ready

Paving and restrictions continue until further notice. Cyclists still banned

By Kristy Acuff

Cottonwood Pass officially opened Monday, August 12, with restrictions for trailers and some flagging delays for the top four miles of the road.  Contractors are still working to lay gravel and pavement in some sections, resulting in one-lane traffic in parts of the road near the top. Until their work is finished in the coming weeks, cyclists will not be allowed to ride on any portion of the road due to safety concerns.

“It is extremely difficult for the heavy equipment drivers to see a cyclist and this raises genuine safety concerns,” says Marlene Crosby, Gunnison County public works director. “In addition, cyclists often do not follow the traffic pattern when motorists are restricted to one lane because their speeds are different. Consequently, cyclists will be prohibited until the contractors are completely finished with their work.”

In addition, towed vehicles including trailers, boast and campers are prohibited on the pass.  Vehicles over 36 feet in length and/or over eight and a half feet wide are also prohibited until further notice.

For up-to-date information about the status of the pass, visit the Federal Highway Administration website and search “Cottonwood Pass Overview.”

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