Verizon coverage issues continue

Working on another tower

By Katherine Nettles

The cellular service provider Verizon Wireless, LLC has responded to ongoing local service complaints and a media inquiry to assert that it isn’t going anywhere and it’s working on better coverage in the Crested Butte area.

Verizon media relations contact Jeannine Brew Braggs responded to the Crested Butte News in an e-mail this week, writing, “Verizon is indeed still operating in Crested Butte. We continue to actively pursue the best location for a new tower which will alleviate the coverage and capacity issues that users are experiencing in town.“

Braggs could not address any specific reports that our news team has received, such as Verizon technicians advising customers who  call in to find a new provider, or offering refunds.

“And while I know you’ve said that several people have had similar complaints, it could very well be something that is isolated to those individuals. Without access to their accounts and the information that they were provided, I cannot assess,” wrote Braggs. She said she could not breach customer privacy to provide “even general information about a group of specific customers’ accounts.”


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