Mt. Crested Butte mayor to the community

Dear members of the Mt. Crested Butte and greater community:

“These are times that try men’s souls.”

—Thomas Paine

And I will add women’s souls! It also tests our patience, understanding and compassion. It’s a very difficult time for the entire world, but right now my focus is on Gunnison County. Yes, I’m the mayor of Mt. Crested Butte, but this is a time we all need to work together to do what is best for all of our area.

We’ve been hard hit by COVID-19. We have too many people who have tested positive or have symptoms and are awaiting testing.

We have too many people who are going to be devastated by the physical and financial impact. As one of the leaders in the county, I am committed to doing what I can to protect—or at least minimize—everyone from the impacts of this terrible disease.

Leaders across the county are working together to develop the best plan to minimize the spread of the virus. Please keep up with the statements from the Gunnison County public information officer and any statements from your town government, and follow their precautionary recommendations and orders as closely as possible. These are in place for you, your family, your neighbor and everyone in the county.

In keeping with these directives, I have canceled Mondays with the Mayor until further notice.

I hope you will be careful, safe and well.

Janet R. Farmer, Mayor, Mt. Crested Butte

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