Pitas OGs pummels CB Extreme

Can I get a Rick Flair! Can I get a Michael Jackson!

by Than Acuff

Amid all of the chaos in the world, one thing appears constant. Adult coed softball is on and the Pitas franchise is back to pummeling opponents as they handed CB Extreme a 35-10 drubbing at the “Hazmat” game Wednesday evening at Gothic Field.

But, the season is on the brink and there’s no one to blame but us (go figure). Not entirely, but we can make a difference. The word has been sent to players and may as well include fans too. While everyone seemed to follow the protocols in place for the onset of the season, adherence to said protocols have been slipping and word was sent out for players to tighten things up or it could spell the end of the season. And the same can be said for the fans, so let’s all get back to being conscientious human beings and keep softball going.

Crested Butte Parks and Rec recreation supervisor Joey Carpenter said it best: “Do the right thing to keep softball running and our community safe.”

Can I get a Rick Flair!

Enough with the lecturing, let’s get down to some softball.

Like I said, Pitas OG’s returned to their pummeling ways racking up 35 runs on nearly the same amount of hits and there was really nothing CB Extreme could do about it. Still, props out to CB Extreme, who used the evening to dress up in Hazmat suits.

Pitas got things going slowly scoring a couple of runs in the top of the first inning off a sac fly by Mallory Zimmerman but the defensive work of CB Extreme and specifically Sean Slattery held Pitas at bay for a couple of innings.

Pitas still managed two more runs off a two-run inside the park home run (ITPHR) by Dakota Wiggins but again, the work of CB Extreme shortstop Rhett Yarborough helped keep the OGs in check.

The defensive work gave CB Extreme a chance to reel Pitas in early and they found some momentum at the plate in the bottom of the second inning. Base hits from Evan Sandstrom and Heather Cooper and a walk loaded the bases for the Towers of Power and they delivered. Andrew Tower pushed one run home with a single and Valerie Tower’s patience at the plate pushed another run home. Ben Johnson followed with a sac fly RBI and we had a close game heading into the third inning—had being the operative word—as Pitas then exploded with a 10-run, two-out rally.

CB Extreme’s defense turned away Pitas’ first two batters but then the rain picked up and the OGs’ bats got hot.

Zimmerman opened things with a single and scored on a two-run home run by Ben Hayes. KT “K-80” Davidson doubled to shallow right and scored on a base hit by Garrett McBride. Frank Magri singled and scored, Pip Bailey doubled and scored, Rayne Clark singled to load the bases and then scored on a three-RBI double from Melvin Seyfried and Zimmerman returned to the plate to cap the 10-run inning with a RBI single.

CB Extreme had a chance to cut into Pitas’ 10-run lead in the bottom of the third inning with a series of base hits and a two-run shot by Mick Demi but they struggled to link the hits when needed and were left eight runs shy of a close game.

Pitas continued to pour it on, scoring six runs in the top of the fourth inning and then tacking on another eight runs in the top of the fifth inning to build an insurmountable 28-7 lead.

CB Extreme stayed true to their Hazmat selves and keeping the energy positive despite the score, the rioting, the pandemic and president “Trunk.”

Once again trunk, put the money in the weed man’s pocket so we can stay straight.

The rain let up by the sixth inning, giving CB Extreme a chance to shine and they did, just in small batches. Jess Forbes made a charging grab on a line drive in the outfield and they drove in three more runs but Pitas slammed the door shut with seven more runs over the final two innings for the 35-10 win.

Wear your masks, no high fives, change out the balls, wipe the bats clean and let’s get back on the road to recovery.

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