Brodie expelled from courtroom for misconduct during plea hearing

Case continued for racial slur allegations

[ By Katherine Nettles ]

A former Mt. Crested Butte man charged with a first-class misdemeanor involving harassment and racial slur allegations will have to wait for another day in court. Adam Brodie, a 41-year-old former resident now living in Cedar Edge, was scheduled for a plea hearing on Tuesday, January 12 in Gunnison District Court on charges of Harassment Because of Race from last summer. But Brodie joined the virtual courtroom yelling and using hostile language, and he was expelled from the hearing by presiding judge Ashley Burgemeister.

Brodie was issued a citation on August 14, 2020 for his actions at a bar on Elk Avenue on August 8, 2020 when he was involved in an altercation with two Black patrons. His case was initially scheduled for a plea hearing in December but was continued to January 12. Court hearings in Gunnison District Court are regularly being conducted virtually due to COVID, and Brodie joined the call-in by announcing his presence during another person’s hearing. He was advised that several cases were being heard during that call and to wait until his name was called. A few minutes later Brodie began a series of additional interruptions to the court proceedings, continually swearing at the judge.

Deputy district attorney Joshua Dougherty moved to continue Brodie’s case, “Based on his performance,” and Judge Burgemeister granted the motion. “I cannot presume he is sober and of sound mind and therefore able to give a credible plea to his case,” said Burgemeister.

She continued his plea and sentencing hearing to January 26 and said he would need to appear at court in person so officials could verify he was not under the influence of any substances and would be able to give a lawful plea. As his attorney, Christopher Mochulsky was making the case that it would be difficult for his client to attend in person as he is now living near Hotchkiss, Brodie returned to the call and continued swearing at the judge. Judge Burgemeister informed him his case had been continued to another date based on his behavior.

“Get the f*** out of my life. F*** you,” Brodie responded. “Bull****. …Punish me. Give me my punishment. I want to be done with this.”
The court clerk then disconnected Brodie from the call at the judge’s direction.

Brodie returned to the call a third and final time, and again asked to be given his punishment. Judge Burgemeister informed him he was expelled from the courtroom and that if he did not leave the call he would be held in contempt of court. Brodie then disconnected for a final time.

“Suffice to say I’ve never had someone swear at me or tell me in court to f-off,” said Judge Burgemeister. She ruled that Brodie must appear in person at court, and will warrant full security to ensure he does not take hostile measures. His plea hearing is set for January 26 at 3:30 p.m.

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