Brodie hearing continued again

Now in custody; hearing February 23

[ By Katherine Nettles ]

A man charged with harassment and making racial slurs last summer has once again had his plea hearing in Gunnison County Court continued due to misconduct in the courtroom. Adam Brodie, age 41, appeared in person before Gunnison County Court Judge Ashley Burgemeister on January 26, having previously been expelled from a virtual courtroom on January 12 for making repeated interruptions and swearing at the judge. He had been deemed under the influence of alcohol at that time and ordered to appear in person at the next hearing, without any influence of alcohol or other substances.

Brodie was originally charged with a misdemeanor for Harassment with the Intent to Harass Because of Race on August 8, 2020 after an altercation with two others on the 100 block of Elk Avenue. When Brodie appeared in person on Tuesday his blood alcohol level test showed 0.044, and the court could not go forward with the plea and sentence hearing.

Judge Burgemeister addressed him, stating that he was to be taken into custody for his previous actions and his violation of the protective orders.

“I’ve never had someone so disrespectful in my courtroom,” she told him of his January 12 behavior. “If you had been in this actual courtroom, I would have had you arrested then. If you had been down the street, I would have issued an order to the Sherriff’s office to have you arrested. It is only because you were out of my jurisdiction that I did not…and I specifically warned you that you were not to drink today,” she said.

“I didn’t drink today, it must be leftover from yesterday,” replied Brodie.

Brodie was taken into custody with bond set at $1,500, and Judge Burgemeister continued the hearing to February 23 at 10:30 a.m. If he doesn’t register a 0.00 blood alcohol level at his next appearance, Judge Burgemeister warned Brodie she will hold him in contempt of court.

Brodie’s attorney, Christopher Muchulsky, had also made a motion to withdrawal from the case, and Brodie had no objection. The court will appoint a new public defender.

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