Jeanine Dalimata concocted a winning cocktail recipe in last week’s Center for the Arts’ Battle of the Bartenders competition with the help of Parker Jewell.  photo by Nolan Blunck

The winning recipe:
In a crystal mixing glass
1.5 oz Peach Street Bourbon
.75 oz Averna amaro
.25 oz green Chartreuse
Bar spoonful of allspice dram
3 dashes angostura bitters

Stir for at least 20-30 seconds to ensure proper dilution – this can be too hot (strong and biting) if it’s not stirred long enough. Especially with the peach street 92 proof. Taste with a straw to find the sweet spot, not too hot and not too diluted.
Strain over a long cube in a rocks glass
Express an Orange peel over the cocktail and run the peel over the rim
Garnish with orange rind and meringue cookie (I made meringue cookies with orange zest and allspice dram syrup)

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