Mental Health Provider Guide

Off-season can be one of the best times of the year in Crested Butte. It offers a slower pace, longer days and time to reconnect with friends and neighbors. It can also be one of the most trying times in the valley as the weather can be unpredictable (see the forecast for the end of this week), there is too much time to think for some and mental issues can be amplified. For those who have been here a while, you know off-season can be a dangerous time for many of our struggling friends and neighbors. 

For that reason, we asked CB State of Mind to provide us with a list of professional contacts that are here to help. We understand that many of the local therapists are extremely busy, but we provide this list in the hope that if you need some help to get through a tough time up here in the mountains, you can contact someone who can assist you. Think about cutting this out and saving it for a time you might need some references.

CB State of Mind’s Sarah Kramer, who also works for Axis Health, explained that Gunnison Valley Health currently manages the contract for crisis services in the valley, and they have a superb mobile response team. She said that you basically call the state hotline (1-844-493-8255) OR local dispatch to ask for a mobile mental health worker, and they’ll send one to you quickly.

— Mark Reaman

Private Providers:

Kelly Banas NCC, LPC


214 6th Street, Ore Bucket Building, 2nd Floor, Crested Butte 

710 N. Taylor Street, Gunnison 

Specializing in children, adolescents & family. Spanish speaking. Insurances accepted: RMHP Medicaid, Triad & Vail EAPs. *Tele-Health

Danielle Beamer, LSW

970-403-5999, Crested Butte & Durango 

Specialties: Internal Family Systems, outdoor/wilderness trauma. *Hybrid Tele-Health and in person

Monica Bilow-Makler, MA, S.E.

970-901-6129, 1018 Brush Creek Road, Crested Butte

Specializing in individuals and couples, mindfulness and holistic psychotherapy. Spanish speaking. No insurance.

Jean Bell-Dumas MA, LPC

Crested Butte Counseling Services


429 6th Street, Crested Butte

Specializing in holistic psychotherapy, all ages. Insurance accepted: BCBS, CHP+, CNIC Health Solutions, RMHP Medicaid, GVH EAP

Shara Briggs, MA, LPC


Specializing in art therapy, EMDR, mindfulness, CBT, DBT, SFBT and play therapy. All ages. No insurance. *Tele-Health

Andrea Breiner

970-784-6460, 103 W. Tomichi Ave., Suite 201-C, Gunnison

Laurie Boscaro, MA, NCC, LPC

970- 901-9192

125 N. Main St., Suite A, Gunnison

Erin Wesley, BA, CIC, CLC 

970-648-0443, 214 6th Street #4, Ore Bucket Building, Crested Butte

Specializing in eating disorders, body image and food addiction. No insurance

Sami Corn, LPCC


427 Belleview Ave., Suite 205, Crested Butte 

Specialties: life changes and transitions, aging issues, career development, self-esteem, trauma and loss, chronic pain. No insurance

Kristin Coughlin, MA, LPC


114 North Boulevard Ave., Suite 203, Gunnison

Specializing in in working with children 0-12 years old. 

No insurance

Darlene Egelhoff, MA, LPC, LAC


503 6th Street, Crested Butte

No insurance

Bonnie Farnell, MA, LPCC


503 Sixth Street., 2nd floor Ste #3 Crested Butte

No insurance

Lorie Fuller, MA, LPC, LSC


307 N. Main St., Ste I, Gunnison

Teletherapy available. Specialties: Depression, anxiety, trauma, postpartum depression, life adjustment, life changes, medical issues, parenting, cancer support, support groups and juvenile justice. 

Nici Graves, LCSW


Specialties: Grief and Loss, Significant Life Transitions, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Couples Issues. Serving: ages 18+, specializing in ages 55+

Nya Greenstone, LSW, 734-926-9083, Gunnison 

Specialties: Infant/Early Childhood, Pregnancy and Postpartum, Trauma

Gay Garner, LPCC, MA, NCC
Emotionally Focused Therapist
Garnering Hope Counseling

*Tele Health

Abby Johnson

Art Therapist and Counselor


*Tele Health only

Nancy Gex Jones, MA Spiritual Psychology

Inner Resource Wellness, LLC

10 X Ranch, Gunnison


Garland Middleton LSW

970-233-4727, 407 4th Street #3, Crested Butte

Specializing in children, adolescents and women. No insurance

Jordan O’Neill MA, LPC


300 Belleview Avenue, Crested Butte

Specializing in individuals, youth and families using cognitive behavioral therapies, in addition to grief/cancer support. No insurance

Heather Peterson, MA


601 Elk Avenue, Crested Butte

Taylor Street, Gunnison 

Specializing in forensic matters, DMV concerns, addictions and substance use. No insurance

Laurie Powell, LCSW



Scheduling: **Telehealth Only

Alok Remza


Serving: Adult Individuals, Couples, Teens. Insurance accepted: Medicaid (Colorado), Aetna, Cigna, Kaiser. *Telehealth (for now)

Erin Ryan, MA, LPC


219 North Iowa St., Gunnison

No insurance 

Laura Scales, MA, LMFT


300 Belleview Avenue Suite 3C, Crested Butte

Specializing in individual, couples and family therapy. Insurance accepted, RMHP Medicaid, Triad, Compsych, and Cigna

Jill Steele

970-688-1655, text or call

Serving: Everyone – In person or remote sessions available. Specializing in Hypnotherapy. No insurance

Marcie Telander MA, REAT, CGP, DAPA

970-349-6509, 160 Lower Allen Road, Crested Butte 

320 N. Main Street, Gunnison

Specializing in holistic, compassionate therapies, all relationships, all ages, individuals, families, and men’s issues. No insurance

Kenzie L.P. Valladolid, MA, LPCC, NCC

Crystal Canyon Counseling Services

304 W. Tomichi Ave. Unit 12, Gunnison, (719) 851-0429

Insurance: Medicaid

Evangelyn Willrodt, LCSW

Vertical Minds

Specialties: Working with athletes through performance anxiety, depression, life balance, mindset training, burnout, trauma, codependency, substance abuse.

Robbie Woltring

Elevated Insight Counseling


Office – CB and shared space in Gunnison 

Clinical Interns:

Juliette Eymere

Gunnison Valley Health and Wellness Center

300 East Denver Ave, Gunnison

970-648-7128 – this is to the front desk for scheduling.

Tuesdays – Tele Health 12-3 p.m.

Thursdays – in person 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Fridays – Crested Butte after the holidays

Charlotte Hough (Intern)

Tele Health Organizational Partnerships (MOU’s):

Tele behavioral Health. US


CBSOM Therapy Scholarship accepted

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