Mt. CB on track to roll out e-bike rebate program this summer

$500 per e-bike

By Kendra Walker

The town of Mt. Crested Butte is getting closer to offering an e-bike rebate program for its residents. During their May 16 meeting, the town council went over the details and criteria of the rebate program with the hopes of finalizing and passing a resolution at their June 6 meeting. 

The e-bike rebate program is a sustainability initiative that aims to promote the use of e-bikes as a means of transportation, reduce traffic congestion and promote environmentally friendly transportation options.

Currently, but not set in stone, the council is considering setting a $50,000 budget for the program and is looking to offer $500 per e-bike per person. If the e-bike is purchased from a Gunnison County retailer, applicants will earn an additional $50 rebate. If purchased from a Mt. Crested Butte retailer, applicants will earn another $50 for a total of $600. Class 1, 2 and 3 e-bikes will qualify. 

Only Mt. Crested Butte residents are eligible, and they must provide a receipt of the e-bike purchase along with either a driver’s license with a Mt. Crested Butte address, Mt. Crested Butte voter registration, a current lease or proof they own residential property in Mt. CB. The council has not clarified a specific purchase date, but the rebate will most likely only apply to new bikes purchased after the program is up and running. 

Council members expressed their hope that the program can be used as an opportunity beyond just funding e-bikes. “We’re not trying to control people, but this is an opportunity to encourage behavior,” said council member Roman Kolodziej. “We’re keeping people off the roads. We have the opportunity to call out specific things.”

For example, riding the Rec Rath at a reasonable speed or not purchasing an e-mountain bike for trail riding rather than commuting purposes. 

“You want this program to replace cars, not replace someone’s non-electric mountain bike,” said town manager Carlos Velado. “We don’t want to buy someone a mountain bike so they can take it on the trails.” 

Council member Steve Morris also noted that the state of Colorado does not allow people 16 years or younger to own or operate class 3 e-bikes. 

The council agreed that the town could include a fact sheet, and directed town staff to put together a bulleted list of conditions and recommendations to include with the rebate agreement. 

Town attorney Gerald Dahl told the council that the rebate program is only a funding mechanism and doesn’t make the town responsible for the negligent acts people might commit while riding their e-bikes. He confirmed that council members are eligible to apply for the rebate. He also noted that this is a pilot program, and the council will be able to fine-tune details if any glaring issues or questions come out of this first year. 

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