GCEA voting glitch fixed quickly

Online voting available until June 16

By Mark Reaman

A glitch with the online voting procedure for the Gunnison County Electric Association has been addressed and electronic voting is up and working as of last weekend.

The electronic voting facilitator had added the letter “I” to the online link and so for early voters who tried to cast a vote, the link did not respond. According to GCEA executive assistant Sherry Shelton, an email was received at the GCEA offices late Friday evening, May 26, explaining the situation. She contacted the election administrator, and the issue was rectified by Saturday.

 “Using either URL, with or without the ‘I’ will route the member to the login page,” she explained. “This online voting process is working now and is easy to use. Remember that online voting is only accepted until June 16.”

There are 8,921 GCEA members eligible to vote regardless of the district in which they reside. The board seat for District 1 that includes Crested Butte has two candidates, incumbent Greg Wiggins and challenger Frank Stern. All members should have received a ballot by now and people can vote online through their SmartHub account until June 16, through the mail as long as it reaches the election administrator in Minnesota before June 20 or in person on June 20 before the annual GCEA meeting at the co-op headquarters in Gunnison from 5 p.m. until 6 p.m. 

Voting started the last week of May and, as of early this week, 115 ballots have been cast. Shelton could not say how many people tried to vote using the bad link. Election results will be known on June 22.

If you are having issues voting, contact support@directvote.net.

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