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Reviewing air consultant contract when current contract ends

After a lengthy discussion at the March 24 board meeting, the RTA board indicated it will likely ask for a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP) to see if there are other air consultants that could work for the RTA. The RTA currently uses Airplanners, a company that has been working with the RTA since the group’s inception. But board member Liz Smith had brought up some potential conflict of interest concerns earlier in the year and wanted to explore other options. After two long discussions, the majority of the board indicated they are happy with Bill Tomcich of Airplanners but would be willing to look at options in about two years when the current contract expires. 

“It is good to have the conversation and good to see the range of what companies can provide,” said Smith.

“The regional experience of Airplanners justifies its value to our valley,” said board member Steve Morris. “I don’t necessarily love bureaucracy for practice sake.”

“I don’t think we need to do the process now but think we could do the review in two years out of respect for using public funds. It seems like a healthy step to check the landscape,” added board member Laura Puckett Daniels.

Airport solar panel to go live in spring

Gunnison airport manager Rick Lamport said the terminal renovation is almost complete. He said they are waiting on a transformer to get the solar panels in the parking lot up and operating. He said that should arrive sometime later this spring at which time the panels will be activated. Some artwork is still not up and no one has applied to be a food vendor.

Subdivision comments

The RTA was asked by the county to comment on the proposed Wildflower at CB subdivision being proposed for the entrance to Crested Butte South. The proposal calls for 76 houses. Truex suggested the board notify the county that when subdivisions located along current RTA routes reach a threshold of 50 houses, the developer be asked to build and maintain bus stops with shelters for the RTA to use.

“We can’t speak for future RTA boards but if it is on the route and they build the facilities we would serve it,” said Truex. “We can’t commit to serve it, but I don’t see why we wouldn’t.”

He said the 50 number was fairly arbitrary and if in the course of the development plan it didn’t make sense for a developer to build bus stops, there would be no reason to force them to.

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