Briefs: Gunnison County by Katherine Nettles

Kebler winter parking permit rates going up

The county will increase the Kebler Pass winter parking permits for Lake Irwin and surrounding area residents this year from $125 to $200. Gunnison County public works director Martin Schmidt said when his department reviewed the costs of plowing over the past several years, costs came out to $208 per parking space on average. “That is not factoring in any staff time or other administration costs,” he said. Last year’s heavy snowfall did not skew any of the numbers, he added. “It just meant we were plowing two feet of snow instead of four inches when we would get up there every couple weeks.”

The county will issue 56 vehicle permits, with one snowmobile trailer permit and up to five snowmobile permits per property.

“This is simply covering the cost of service—not even the full cost,” agreed county commissioner chair Jonathan Houck.  

Bruce Mullin appointed to STOR Committee

During their August 15 meeting, Gunnison County commissioners appointed Bruce “LB” Mullin to the at-large opening on the Sustainable Tourism and Outdoor Recreation (STOR) committee. Commissioners were split in their decision, and while all three agreed that both Mullin and the other applicant, Hedda Peterson, were strong candidates, Laura Puckett Daniels made a case for Peterson. Jonathan Houck and Liz Smith voted in favor of Mullin, and their motion carried with two out of three votes. Mullin operates a hunting outfitter, which may bring an underserved perspective to the board, argued Houck.

 The STOR Committee’s next meeting is on Thursday, August 24.

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