Briefs: Mt. Crested Butte

By Kendra Walker

New Homestead development contract approved

During a work session and special meeting on January 10, the town council approved a contract to buy, sell and develop community housing between the town of Mt. Crested Butte and Bywater, LLC in the Homestead subdivision. 

The council also agreed to set a budget range of $1.5 to $2 million for a purchase assistance program from the town for Homestead contract holders. The town will determine the details of how the purchase assistance is distributed at a later time.

Rasta Lot name change 

The Town of Mt. Crested Butte has never officially named its TC-1 parking lot and is moving in the direction of changing it to the “Matterhorn Lot.” Locally referred to as the “Rasta Lot,” town manager Carlos Velado said the town would like to veer away from the Rasta name. Town staff recently learned that the Matterhorn Lodge once sat where the lot currently stands and has suggested officially naming it the “Matterhorn Lot” as an ode to the town’s history. A new sign will be constructed as part of the town’s Wayfinding Phase 2 signage project this year.

Nordic Inn discussion continues

The town and Pearls Management, LLC are working on finalizing a development agreement for a revised Nordic Inn planned unit development (PUD) application. The agreement proposes that Pearls provide eight community housing units in the development, four of which will be constructed on the town-owned ROS-1 property. The town council has requested that the town-owned units include 1.5 baths per unit. 

Pearls representative Aaron Huckstep said his client is willing to do this on the condition that the vesting of the current PUD on the property be extended, as a backup in the event the PUD is not approved. He said his client didn’t want to experience similar delays other proposed PUD projects in Mt. Crested Butte have been experiencing. “In order for my client to feel comfortable that if you all say no, they have a viable alternative. That’s why we’re requesting a two-year extension.”

An extension of the PUD vesting requires a public hearing with 18 days’ notice. The council will consider the extended vesting request at the February 6 meeting following a public hearing for the extension. 

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