Flauschink Royalty Poems—2024

By Sherrie Vandervoort

Ladies & Gents! We’re so glad that you’re here!

We’re CROWNING tonight so please gather near!

It’s that time again, we’re here for a reason… 

To polka! To party! To celebrate our season! 

We had a fun winter…the snow was just great,

We’re hoping for springtime, but may have to wait!

An old-time tradition in our little town. 

After 56 years Flauschink still goes on strong! 

It’s you folks who keep this party going,

So let’s not stop now, keep that barrel a-rolling.

Come up here, King Ben and bring up your Queen,

It’s now THAT time… if you know what I mean! 

Queen Tracy! King Ben! What a fabulous run..

You two sure know how to keep Flauschink fun! 

We know you are sad to give up your crowns 

Your subjects still LOVE YOU—Just look around…

So my dear royals, we can’t thank you more,

Soon you’ll be “has-beens”…So worthy for sure! 

We had a great time! A wonderful year. 

To Tracy and Ben, let’s all give a cheer!

Enough of this jabber! We have royals to crown.

We hope they’re ready to reign over town! 


And now to reveal our Queen for this year,

A fixture in CB—now her time is here! 

Our soon-to-be Queen is a buddy to all, 

The type of a friend who will answer your call.

She’s one of those folks who can make others laugh, 

But if you misbehave… she’ll take you to task!

The lady I speak of has lived many places,

So fast on her skis, you should see how she races! 

On the hill (when there’s time) she’s amazing on skis,

From steeps…to cliffs…to powder…to trees!

Our soon-to-be Queen works magic with food,

And serves it up with a good attitude. 

She loves a good meal, she’ll make what you wish. 

And once owned a restaurant featuring fish.

Fun-loving! Outspoken! Athletic to boot!

She has her own “Teddy Bear” and wow, is he cute! 

Carving the Banana, flying on skis, 

She’s also a DJ at KBUT.

Our dear Queen-to-be likes to dress up and dance.

She loves a parade and now is her chance.

A camper! A surfer! A fine golfer too!

There’s not a whole lot that this Betty can’t do…

So now it is time to welcome our Queen.

Let’s all give it up for “Queen Josephine”! 


The man of the moment is standing out there. 

you probably know him… he’s drinking your beer! 

With mischievous eyes! A bedazzling smile!

Our new king-to-be goes that extra mile! 

His skiing is excellent…his carving so smooth.

For many years he’s helped skiers improve.

A certified instructor for CB ski school. 

Quiet but kind, we all think he’s cool! 

With two beautiful daughters born and raised here. 

His life is quite happy and he’s so full of cheer. 

A hard core “cheese-head” hailing from midwest, 

He loves his Packers…he thinks they’re the BEST! 

His dad was a skier on the 10th division,

This son says his dad was so full of wisdom…

 He’s lived here for decades, he’s one “shocking” man! 

He’ll wire your home as best as he can! 

Always with a smile, you’ll love our new King 

He’s so electric, he’ll make your heart zing! 

So let’s give it up for someone so groovy, 

I think you all know our new King is Kuby!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR ROYALS FOR 2024: King Kuby & Queen Josephine! 

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