Friday, September 20, 2019

Town’s eastside will be home to art exhibit August 1-3

From the Butte to Burning Man…

A  somewhat large but very temporary art exhibition will be put up on town property in Crested Butte the first week of August. Entitled “pictures of you: Images from Iran” the exhibit is part of the Manjushri Project and will be placed by the BMX park on the east side of town.



Crested Butte town manager Susan Parker said she was approached by the project organizers and has contacted the neighbors in the area. The exhibit will be about 90 feet long by 30 feet wide and will feature a variety of photographs focused on Persian faces.
According to a letter sent to Parker by Roxana Alvarez, production director of the Manjushri Project, “The purpose of the project is to inspire dialogue, whether internal or external, surrounding our feelings about Persians. The project does not seek to instigate or actively engage dialogue, but will be providing the viewer the means to engage in dialogue and record their reaction to the show, if they wish to do so.”
Parker told the council that the Crested Butte exhibit will be a field test for the project. It will eventually be displayed at the Democratic National Convention and at this year’s Burning Man.
According to the Manjushri Project website, “pictures of you” is a multimedia installation featuring photographs and sound from Iran. It can be shown indoors or outdoors. The photographs are printed on translucent silk, and can be viewed from either side. From time to time, exhibit goers will find themselves face-to-face with another visitor on the other side of the portrait.
The art exhibit will be free to the public and will have an 8 p.m. curfew with the sound and lighting. Parker said project managers asked to display it near the BMX Park so it would be off the main track and people could happen upon the exhibit.
“I think having the exhibit up there will be phenomenal,” commented Crested Butte Town councilmember Leah Williams.
“It sounds like a unique experience,” added mayor Alan Bernholtz. “We can’t get enough art in our town.”
The rest of the council agreed and supported the idea of the outdoor exhibit, which will be up for viewing August 1 to 3.

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