Sheriff’s Stories

If a defendant is charged with a crime in any of the following incidents, it should be emphasized that the charge is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until or unless proven guilty.



04/20/09, Officers received a report concerning criminal mischief to a port-a-potty near the North Bridge raft outlet.
04/21/09, Officers arrested a 23-year-old Gunnison male on a $5,000 probation violation concerning a drug court charge. The arrest took place in probation office and the arrest went without incident.
Officers received a report of a vicious dog incident within the Crested Butte South subdivision. While a child was playing, a neighbor’s dog approached in an aggressive manor. The reporting party wanted the owner of the animal contacted and warned.
Officers received a report concerning a scam attempt by way of what appears to be a U.S. Postal Service money order. The fraudulent attempt was not completed as regional banks recognized the authentic-appearing document and refused to process; the potential victim was denied the money to complete the process. Whenever a citizen receives a notice by phone, mail or Internet informing them that they have won a monetary or material prize, and there is a “processing fee” directly or indirectly attached, this is a scam. Every month nearly every citizen receives such a notice (law enforcement officers as well) and so far every notice has been a fraudulent attempt!
04/22/09, Officers received a call concerning the first-degree criminal trespass and theft at a residence within Almont. It was reported that a bear had figured out how to open the garage door and steal trash that was kept within the garage—twice!
Officers received a report concerning criminal mischief in the area of the “make shift” gun range near the Saguache County line on Gold Basin Road. Person(s) unknown drove their vehicle in the mud, causing ruts.
04/24/09, At approximately 01:20 a.m., officers assisted the Gunnison Police Department with a building search at the Gunnison High School.
Officers assisted the Gunnison Police Department with an assault investigation near the intersection of Virginia Street and Loveland Avenue.
At approximately 9:23 a.m., officers were dispatched to an address near Highway 135, approximately 2.5 miles north of Gunnison regarding an unattended death. Evidence supports that 86-year-old Ray Stratton succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning; manner of death is preliminarily ruled accidental.
Officers assisted the Gunnison Police Department with a fight in progress near the 200-block of North Main Street.
04/25/09, Officers assisted the Gunnison Police Department with locating a fleeing suspect who was intruding in homes near Escalante Drive and Colorado Street.
04/27/09, Officers received a report concerning possible harassment between two individuals, one living in Gunnison County, the other living in Texas. The possible harassment allegedly took place over the telephone.
04/30/09, Officers received a report of burglary at a residence near Tomichi Lane.
Officers were dispatched to a target practice area south of Gunnison regarding subjects shooting “stuff” and then leaving it behind. Officers contacted individuals and insisted that all debris be picked up after shooting.
05/01/09, Officers were dispatched to a location west of Gunnison regarding an unregistered controlled burn. A warning was extended.
05/02/09, Officers arrested a 19-year-old Gunnison male on West Tomichi Avenue for DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia and a traffic infraction.
Officers received a dog that appeared to have been abandoned west of Gunnison. The Animal Welfare League graciously took possession of the animal.
05/04/09, Officers received a call concerning “unruly” dogs running in the Blackfoot Trail area.
05/04/09, Officers received calls concerning illegal trash dumping in the Lost Canyon area.
Officers arrested a 21-year-old Crested Butte woman on a Gunnison County warrant for failure to appear. The subject turned herself over to authorities when she found out the warrant existed.

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