Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Town of Crested Butte BOZAR Projects of the Year

From Jessie Earley, Building Department

This past winter, the Board of Zoning and Architectural Review (BOZAR) held their annual Year End Review to consider the projects completed in 2018.

Members of the BOZAR and town staff reviewed a presentation of projects in the following categories: New Residential, Accessory Buildings, Accessory Dwellings, Residential Remodels, Commercial Remodels and New Commercial. The board considers the effective application of the design guidelines, the massing, site design, overall architecture and exterior materials in their consideration of all of the projects. The board selected the most outstanding projects for 2018, honoring one project with the prestigious Project of the Year Award. Three other projects were awarded honorable mentions.

The Project of the Year for a rehabilitation to a historic accessory building in 2018 was awarded to Julie A. Marshall and Richard H. Jones, for the rehabilitation and historic preservation work of the 1900 accessory building located at 107 ½ Elk Avenue.

The board commended Andrew Hadley, architect, and Kevin Donovan, MB Builders, for the attention to detail in the rehabilitation on the project as a whole was greatly appreciated. Board members felt that this was a good adaptive reuse of this accessory building as a garage. This project was done without large additions and by opening the porch on the south, which had been boarded up at some point in the building’s history. This log barn/garage is representative of outbuildings erected in Crested Butte. This building is notable for its log construction with square notches and its steeply pitched roof (16:12). Originally, this property was owned by the Evic family.

The Honorable Mention with special merit for a new residential building in 2018 was awarded to Todd Wasinger, Crested Butte Community School and his students in the design/build course, along with Gary Hartman, Sunlit Architecture and John Stock, High Mountain Concepts, for the construction of a new single family residence on a micro-lot in the affordable housing zone for the town of Crested Butte. The board commended this collaborative design process between the instructor and the students. Students pushed for design features that they felt would make the building more appealing for livability and did well at problem solving through design and construction of this home. The students and all who helped in the process did an incredible job.

The Honorable Mention for a historic commercial rehabilitation in 2018 was awarded to Jen Hartman, Sunlit Architecture and Billy Laird and David Gross, contractors, for the work done at the 512 Fifth Street historic structure, which is owned by Sunlit Architecture in conjunction with Academy Place LLC. The board felt that the architect and contractors did a really nice job on the project. It was a great repurpose of the building into commercial/residential space. This building was not surveyed during the late 1990s and early 2000s with other buildings. It was associated with the private Academy and previously a motel/restaurant that was located on the site. More recently, the building was used as storage and, for a time, housed St. Mary’s garage.

The Honorable Mention for a new accessory dwelling in 2018 was awarded to Dan Murphy, architect, and Josh Jackson, owner/contractor, and Scott Hahn, Cedar Ridge Construction, for the work done at 222 ½ Gothic Avenue. The board appreciated the simple nature of the building. During the design process, Murphy pushed for the alley facing deck and the board thought that was a good extension of a small living space.

This, as with each year, is a community effort and the BOZAR and building department staff wish to thank the property owners together with the building and design community for another successful year of construction in Crested Butte. The architectural uniqueness of town owes a great deal to your hard work. Special thanks to the following architects, designers and contractors for their hard work in 2018:

Dan Murphy, Freestyle Architects

Johnny Biggers, Faust Mountain Homes

Trevor Main

Sunlit Architecture

Todd Wasinger

Kent Cowherd

John Stock, High Mountain Concepts

Kevin Emery

Randy Swift

Scott Bogart, Pinnacle

Coburn Development

Andrew Hadley Architects

Kevin Donovan, MB Builders

Somrack Concepts

Billy Laird

David Gross

Robb Fessenden, End of the Road Construction

Ben White

Chris Laggis

Bill Racek

Scott Hahn, Cedar Ridge Construction

Beckwith Builders

Josh Jackson

Chris Jobson

Roland Mason

Tony Veit

Pinnacle, Scott Bogart

Studio West, Priscila Palhava

John Epps

Norman Whitehead

RM Taylor


Wallin Construction

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