Given the obvious timing, I had planned to tap out the obligatory get out and vote editorial. And then I received a phone call Monday afternoon informing me that Crested Butte lost a good man. Ramon—one of the many interesting characters in town you can identify with one name—had passed.
It rocked my world. He had been a part of Crested Butte much longer than my two decades here. He was always smiling, always skiing. Always smiling and skiing. And singing. Good choices all.
Through a confluence of timing, he and I would cross paths two or three times a week last winter in the early mornings. As I would be putting on my boots at 6:30 in the lobby of the Grand Lodge before hiking the mountain for some early turns, he would be dropping off papers for the hotel.
Inevitably, he would come over, share a few words and a smile and we would continue on our day. He would glow at the thought of getting on the mountain after his work. He had started his day hours before but focused on hitting the hill. It made me appreciate the start of my day. Thank you, Ramon. For the perspective and the constant smile.
So speaking of perspective, Tuesday is the last day to vote. Go do it. You are crazy not to participate. This is a big one. The Crested Butte News is providing its annual voter’s cheat sheet (guide) that Aleesha Towns produced with much thought. Feel free to take it into the polls.
But, in honor of a Crested Butte guy like Ramon—do it with a smile and don’t forget to go out and play after casting your vote.

—Mark Reaman

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