Take an extra second

It seemed like anyone in town this Saturday drove by the accident. Remnants of the crash on the highway by Crested Butte South were there all afternoon.
I ride a motorcycle. Driving my car by the accident after a trip to Hartman’s it was obvious from a mile away that something serious had happened. It is always disturbing to see a motorcycle on its side, an ambulance speeding south, a dozen cops behind yellow tape. It is even more upsetting to hear the ramifications. A young Crested Butte guy left this world too soon.
He was wearing a helmet. It doesn’t appear to have been his fault. But the outcome was tragic.
I love riding the motorcycle. Love it. I’m sure Dan Krajewski did as well. Without knowing Dan I’d bet he was happy on the bike Saturday afternoon. Sun, fresh air, that view of Paradise Divide, smooth pavement. Anyone who has spent any time on a bike knows the blessed feeling of freedom that comes with a motorcycle on the asphalt. There are no seatbelts but there are few better feelings.
I second the thoughts in a letter in the paper this week written by Dave Carbonetti. Everyone who rides should be more aware on the road. If you drive a car, please pay more attention. Motorcycles aren’t always easy to spot. Take the extra look when you are driving. As the season turns to summer, everyone should probably be aware of the increasing number of motorcycles on the road.
Please watch for the bikes. And if you ride, you know the need to pay extra attention in order to experience one of the greatest feelings of independence on the road. Saturday was tragic for anyone who rides a motorcycle. I doubt any rider will walk away from their bike because of the accident. But hopefully everyone on the road will take a spare second to take an extra look.

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