ORE holds a successful yard sale

To the Community:
The Office for Resource Efficiency’s 11th Annual Community Yard Sale held on super-sunny May 16 was a wonderful success. We raised over $800 and donated unsold items in good condition to Six Points and a Front Range Thrift Store.


ORE relies on donations from the community in order to raise money for our programs, so we sincerely thank everyone who donated to the sale. We could not have made this event the success it was without the help of our hard working volunteers: Clara Valdez and her friend Elena, Sonda Donovan, Vicki Shaw, Jeff Whitmore, Matt Servia, Holly Reycraft, Arin Billings, and anyone else who helped out on a moment’s notice. Camp 4 Coffee supplied some baked goods for breakfast, and Mikey’s Pizza kindly delivered excellent and discounted pizzas for lunch.
We also thank and appreciate: the Crested Butte Community School for letting us utilize the school parking lot for the sale, the Crested Butte Rental Center for letting us borrow tables and a water dispenser, High Country Citizens’ Alliance for letting us use a table and chair, and Ceil Murray for making sure unsold items were taken to the appropriate locations.
Finally, the Crested Butte Community made many wonderful donations and yard sale purchases that generated funds for OREs programs and helped reduce the amount of waste in our landfills.

Thanks again,
Brian Lee


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