Sheriff’s Stories

05/15/10, Officers and fire responded to a gas leak report near County Road 740.
05/19/10, Officers responded to a reported dog issue near a residence next to County Road 730. Investigations revealed that two Labrador retrievers were within a goat pen and were harassing the goats. The owner of the dogs was contacted and a citation was issued charging the owner with a county ordinance for failure to control their animals.



Officers arrested a 26-year-old Gunnison male for a probation violation related to a drug court violation. The arrest was made at the Gunnison County Probation Office and went without incident.
05/24/10, Officers assisted the Gunnison Police Department with an issue concerning the high school.
05/25/10, Officers received a report of criminal mischief and first degree criminal trespass to an unattended vehicle that was parked next to Highway 92.
Officers responded to an address near Shavano Drive concerning a dispute between two neighbors regarding a parking spot.
Officers and EMS responded for a possible 66-year-old female stroke victim at a residence near Curecanti Drive.
05/26/10, Officers received a complaint concerning a verbal dispute between a construction worker and a traveler near Fairway Lane.
Officers were called to one of the greens at the golf course regarding people shooting off fireworks.
Officers and Fire responded to a “bridge fire” report near County Road 38. Investigations revealed a railroad tie was burning from an apparent previous controlled burn.
05/29/10, Officers received a report that a neighbor was throwing rocks at dogs near Spruce Drive. Investigations revealed a dog issue besides the original call. The case is still under investigation.
Officers received a call concerning a civil issue in the Arrowhead subdivision area.
05/30/10, Officers reported to an address near County Road 51, in response to a suicidal subject. The female was transported to the Gunnison Hospital for evaluation and then returned home; she was deemed at no risk.
Officers arrested a 69-year-old Gunnison female for DUI a couple of miles west of Highway 50.
05/31/10, Officers and Fire responded to a rescue below McCabe’s Lane Bridge. Two rafters were stranded on an island after becoming separated from their ride.
Officers received a call concerning a report of cattle illegally grazing on private property. Investigations revealed that there had been a verbal agreement at some point and thus a contract. The case is deemed civil at this point.
06/01/10, At approximately 1 a.m., officers received a call concerning an overdue party from the Silver Jack Reservoir area. The party had gotten stuck in a snow bank.

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