Here we go…

Anything new… a first… is exciting.
The first day of school. Your first job. A first date. You never know what lies on the other side and that makes things interesting.
We have a first coming this Tuesday and right now, no one knows what is going to happen. That makes a news guy kind of excited. It should be interesting.

Back in the early 1990s, the ski area tried a new promotion. It was called Free Ski and it was promoted as a no strings attached promo for lift tickets in the early season. No one knew what was going to happen that first weekend. It was exciting. Then came the “Oh Sh*t” moment when we realized it had worked and 9,000 people had driven to the upper valley to get free lift tickets. The line of cars stretched from the Crested Butte Mountain Resort parking lots past the Four-way Stop. It was a good picture but blew everyone’s mind. It was interesting, and thanks to the best early season snow maybe ever, it worked with the entire mountain opening up to accommodate the people.

This Tuesday we have another first with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge bike race. I have heard that tens of thousands of people may show up to watch the spectacle. I have heard we may see a few hundred. A commentator on Colorado Public Radio said Monday that organizers are now expecting a million people to view at least some part of the race. Now that would be an “Oh Sh*t” moment for the valley. Who knows what is going to happen? That’s the fun part.
There is also a safety part to this first event. These guys will be riding fast and without a lot of regard for your dog or your kid or you or anyone who might wander into the race route. The support drivers will have the same attitude. There is an element of real danger. Be careful out there.

Jake Jones from the town of Crested Butte summed it up aptly this past Monday. “We are as prepared as we can be and we hope a lot of people show up. But if that doesn’t happen we’ll still have a big show coming to town.”
Given the amount of effort the local volunteers have put in, I trust it will be not only be a big show, but a smooth show as well. And it is one we can all enjoy… no matter what happens.
Hey, after just months of pretty intense work, we are approaching a first. I think we are all excited about what lies on the other side, and we will find out what that is on Tuesday.
Firsts don’t come along every day. Let’s have a good time at the big show.

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