Congratulations to a few of the 7,000,000,000

There are apparently now more than 7 billion people on this planet. We’d like to thank four of them. Leah Williams, Dan Escalante, Reed Betz and Phoebe Wilson have given of their time, energy and thoughts these last several years as Crested Butte Town Council members. Each has been a dedicated, thoughtful representative of the people. Gratitude goes out to each of you for service to this community.
And let’s take some time for a shout out to four others on this seven billion-person planet. Aaron Huckstep, David Owen, Shaun Matusewicz and Glenn Michel were voted in to carry on the tradition of small town politics and representation. As I’ve said to those who came before you, being in the spotlight of a small town as a member of the Crested Butte council has its ups and downs. It will take more time than you think. You will get stopped in the street to discuss snow plowing or dog rules or molybdenum mines. Some will love your positions and give you a pat on the back. Others will disagree and call you crazy. Once elected, keep in mind that you now represent all the citizens of the community, not just your friends.
Your skins should get thicker and you will need that to help guide the direction of this small town in the mountains. It is serious business, but remember the ones who take themselves too seriously are the ones who ultimately falter. You may be called out on the streets, at the table, in the meetings or between these pages. It is part of the job. But we all appreciate your desire to give back to the community. I mean of the 7,000,000,000 people on this Earth, only seven have been selected to sit on the Crested Butte Town Council.
Congratulations. Good luck and have fun with it.

And hey–some of the fastest of the seven billion apparently go to the Crested Butte Community School. The Titan Boys Cross Country team brought the school its first team state championship. That’s pretty cool. Congratulations to all of you and its something else this town can be proud of. Nice work.

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