One liners and rumors

Remember, when it is snowing in May and it’s a tough day…Just keep repeating the mantra, “We need the moisture.”

When asked directly about the rumors churning through town that the resort was filing for bankruptcy, Ethan Mueller joked that he wanted to know if it was Chapter 7 or 11. Then he categorically denied any such activity or “need for it.”

Now about those sale to Vail rumors…What’s wrong with a $500 season pass with a half dozen ski hills including ours? Okay, stop with the rumors already.

Would people from here take a break from passing away or getting seriously hurt, injured or sick…please?

Does someone moving to C.B. South really qualify as someone having to leave the community to find a place to live? Really?

Great early openings include Kebler Pass Road, Strand Hill and Snodgrass. 401 by the end of the month?  Just trying to start another rumor.

Hey, BOZAR basically said YES…now the ball is in the Sixth Street Station court.

There’s a reason the county awarded Sue Navy the “Iron Butt Award” a few years ago for her uncanny ability to sit through government meetings. She put the award to good use last week by attending two evenings of BOZAR meetings and making the fire pit situation better for everyone at the Sixth Street Station.

I like the idea of the Arts Festival doing a Friday evening start and reconfiguring some of the booths in the middle of town this year.

On the national scene—-
John Edwards keeps looking more like a bag of scum every day during his trial.

Mitt Romney keeps looking like an unprincipled phony hoping no one can recall five minutes ago. Is he really going to take credit for saving the auto industry with a straight face?

President Barack Obama took forever and was looking like a timid, cautious politician as he continued to formulate his position on gay marriage. This is a guy who is a standard bearer for diversity and equality? What took so long? You keep telling us how gutsy it was to take out Osama Bin Laden. I’m glad you finally showed some guts on this.

And finally: A heads up. Summer is shaping up to be busy…really busy. So embrace this off-season. Get out and enjoy while the town and the valley is ours. You won’t regret it.

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