Riding the summer coaster

“I think we’ve been discovered…”
—Biker waiting his turn to start riding the Lupine trail on Saturday

It is understandable if you are tired. Just looking at the events calendar in the last couple of newspapers, it is easy to see why. Last week there were Chainless and downhill bike races and Alpenglows and Splatterdashes and Fun Runs and Black and White balls and films. Coming up are parades and live music all over the place and wine fests and music festival events and more films and more music and public policy lectures, wildflower walks and, and, and…
Just thinking about the long days, meandering rivers, softball diamonds, golf courses, mountain peaks and sweet trails out there, your body should feel the summer. Oh, and the job. If you aren’t busy now, maybe get into a new line of work.
It is almost like the town is on a roller coaster. The click, click, click of the final climb up the tallest hill is almost here. It has felt like there were a few good turns the last couple of weeks (especially this past weekend) but the roller coaster begins its big drop on Friday with the Fourth of July.
Center for the Arts executive director Jenny Birnie mentioned she is hearing from regular visitors that there is so much to do anymore in the summer they are having a hard time deciding what to participate in. Understandable.
The feeling can be scary. Some businesses are having trouble finding people to work. They’ll be in the throes of it here soon and have to deal with what they have. So they will. And the people who work here, live here so they can play here. So the odds are pretty good that your waitron or sales clerk or bus driver will be trying to fit it all in during these warm summer days. That’s on top of life with its relationship and rent issues. That might make them a bit tired (and sometimes cranky). Just a heads up.
But the general idea this time of year is that by getting out to the woods or the concert or to the best wildflower field in America, the heart, mind and soul get refreshed. The body might be dragging but the inner energy is filling up. So is the bank account. That is the challenge of July: finding a balance.
Some of the visitors in the valley perhaps haven’t yet tuned out of big city metro thinking and geared into the small mountain town vibe. Some of the workers might get out of whack trying to pack it all in. Remember that everyone who is drawn here is trying to experience some natural (literally) and some recreational high. So if everyone on both sides of the counter could remember to breathe and show some patience and understanding it might make these long, hot days in July better for everyone. And they are already pretty good.
There is no shortage of things to do right now for the body, mind or soul. Once in a while the best thing might be to walk a quiet alley or sit on a bench and just take it all in. Enjoy the summer, everyone. Happy Fourth of July.
The coaster is about to drop…

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